Friday, March 1, 2013

22 weeks.

How far along?: 22 Weeks 

Total weight gain/loss: I think this question is just funny. Loss? Really? Who does that? Jerks. I'm up like 18. I think. I never remember to weigh in the morning which is when I originally weighed. Pretty sure that's it.
Maternity clothes?: Yes, for pants. Tops are still mostly non maternity - which is good, Mommy needs her sweaters to fit for a few more weeks!
Sleep: I can't complain in this department. I mostly sleep on my side now, and can kinda do my stomach if I'm angled. I haven't had to get up to pee as often which is a total blessing. I just need to be able to get into bed at a decent hour! Heartburn is starting to rear it's head, ignoring it the best I can.
Best moment of the week: Seeing 2.0 on the Ultrasound. Looking good, all organs are accounted for and appropriately sized, right amount of chambers for the heart, and the placenta is high and in a good place.
Movement: Yes, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. Honestly, sometimes I forget I'm pregnant. I have so much going on and so much to do, that those little baby kicks will often zero me back in to reality. OH yes, there is a reason why my belly sticks out, I'm growing a human!
Food Cravings: Guacamole and cereal, and smoothies. I had just Guacamole for dinner a few nights this past week. And cereal on the other nights. And? I love it. Husband isn't so thrilled since he would prefer that I cook, but I'm not craving much else! Does water count? I really go through a LOT of it in a day.
Gender:  Boy FOR SURE! I saw the goods at my appointment this last week, and you could see clear as a whistle it was a boy! He showed me the face, but I sure didn't see that as well as I saw the parts!
Belly Button: Still innie and will stay that way like last time, I'm sure.
What I miss: Not being so winded or dizzy when I move quickly. Also I have been doing really well at going to the gym, but when I come home my ab muscles literally HURT. I don't know if I am unconsciously trying to hold them in the entire work out so they are sore after I leave, or if the bouncing of the belly is too much. I don't remember this from last time, but I'm just being careful about it.
What I am looking forward to: Well last \week I was looking forward to my appointment. Making sure it was a boy! I got a special treat and due to weather related conditions I picked up Camden early and took him with me to reduce my driving. He was a little angel baby at the appointment, playing on my phone and obeying everything I said. He sat in the chair and played on the phone, looked up when I told him to look for baby brother, and instantly perked up when the doctor loudly played the heartbeat. It was pretty cute. And he was even cuter to me walking out. When the doctor first came in the room he brought him a sucker. Camden was excited for it and said thank you with a little prompting. On the way out, WITHOUT prompting - we walked by a man in scrubs (who was not my doctor - but it was still adorable nevertheless) and he said "thank you for sucker" and my heart. melted. right. there. What a thoughtful little boy!
Weekly Wisdom: heartburn strikes again right around 20 weeks. Awesome. Or not. Don't use pepcid cause it doesn't work.
Milestones: Past halfway! Whee!
Big C Update: He's adorable. He can tell me now that baby brother is in Mommy's belly. He knows it's not in Daddy's belly, and not in his belly. We pray for baby brother every night to grow big and strong. He's loving books and reading, still addicted to Mickey Mouse and astounding us with how smart he is on a daily basis. He still requires time outs to control himself, but he's progressing with learning how to get himself under control - unless he's super tired. He's doing well at obeying and he is honestly just such a joy. Love that kid.

these are pics at 21 weeks. Holy big belly!!


  1. Apparently if you lie on your left side, your heartburn will ease up. I read that somewhere... Should have tried it with mine!

  2. You look great! Have you tried Zantac for heartburn?