Thursday, January 31, 2013

Survey Says!!! Almost 18 weeks...

How far along?: 17 weeks and 6 days or so

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't weighed lately. Which is nice. I think I may be up 12 or so. Trying to be good so that I can fit into my bridesmaids dress for my besties wedding at the end of April!!!

Maternity clothes?: Definitely pants. Most shirts are still non maternity since maternity is still too long. I don't really look hugely pregnant yet, mostly like I ate some big meals and need to hit the gym to work off some el-bees.

Sleep: I can still sleep on my belly if I angle my hips enough, and so that's good, since I sleep the best on my stomach. Waking up about once a night to pee. Could be even more restful if I didn't have crazy dreams!

Best moment of the week: I have already hit the gym 3x this week and it's not halfway over. Hopefully I can make it at least once more, 4x a week is ideal! Finding time to do arm exercises as well. I feel accomplished when I still get a workout in and still feel a little sore. Now if I could just walk past the free doughnuts at work....

Movement: I think I have felt some movement, but not really for sure yet. It was very slight if that's what it was.

Food Cravings: Yes! Okra, Guacamole, Ice Cream.

Belly Button: Still there. Probably will remain flat and an innie like last time.

What I miss: I miss being able to walk up stairs without getting winded, being able to do push ups when I work out - they now strain the muscles in my belly and make it hurt. Also, I was watching Friends at the gym the other day and Rachel had a glass of white wine. It looked so good, and I'm not even a big drinker!

What I am looking forward to: This weekend when I can hopefully sleep in a little on Saturday, and continue to get the house picked up and purged of things we don't need. It's an ongoing battle, that's for sure! Tossing names around with Husband. Hopefully we can make time for that soon, it seems to be a little on the back burner.

Weekly Wisdom: Go to bed early. I have had two nights in a row of crazy dreams. The first night was about people thinking Camden needed to go to a psych ward for his 'bad' behavior and the next night was about people breaking into the house and me trying to hide and keep the dog quiet so I could call the police. Both nights I had to completely wake myself up to end them. No fun.

Milestones: Not that I can think of. We know the gender, so that's exciting and a huge milestone. We want to be definite before we decide on names since the doctor was "pretty sure" he saw the proper anantomy. Wait I take that back. For the first time this week a patient asked me if I had a "bun in the oven". If others have noticed previously they didn't say anything OR they didn't have enough cognitive capacity to ask. The patient that happened to notice this week is very Axis 2 and Borderline and brags a lot about how rich and smart she is. So, props to her I guess!!

Big C Update: He is doing so well! He asked to nap in his new room and in his new bed last Sunday. So then we put him to bed there. And now he's been going to bed there every night! It's crazy, but he's doing really well. I hope it sticks. There have been a few nights where I have heard him fuss, which is what I was worried about - not being able to hear. Was it because of crazy dreams that I was sleeping light? I don't know, but I went in there the other night and he just wanted to be covered up. Once I tucked him back in and gave him a kiss he was good to go. I want to finish setting up his room so that he really feels like he lives in there. Right now we sleep him in his new room, and after he's up he goes into his old room to get ready. That routine isn't going to stick when there's a baby, and once we get his closet and clothes in the dresser moved over. The hard part though is he still uses the changing table. Kid is still in diapers and apparently proud of it as he has announced it quite a bit lately -- "I wear diapers!". No matter how many times I point out that Goofy and Daddy wear big boy underwear, it doesn't seem to phase him. What a mess he is!

And a picture for kicks... Taken at about 17.5 weeks. Also pardon the haircut that NEEDS to happen!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book of Faces..

This is the picture I posted on Facebook and I was stunned with the amount of likes and comments encouraging our sweet family and its growth.

Pretty amazing huh??

What's in a Dream?

What is in a dream?

Last night I had some WEIRD dreams, so it was a restless night for me. I dreamed that my parents thought Camden needed to be committed because of all of his fit throwing. I spent most of the night arguing in my head about how he's only two, and they don't ever set limits but I do - so that's where they don't see the difference.

It was weird. Crazy hormones!

In other news, guess who has slept in his big boy bed the past two nights? So proud of him and I hope it sticks! His big boy sheets and comforter is due in soon and I know he will just love them. I'm so excited!!!

That's all for now!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Old picture!

I meant to post this weeks ago. This picture was taken at 14 weeks and I will be 17 in a day or two.

They are right when they say your body remembers by the second time around, but the maternity pants? Bliss. So no complaints.

Unfortunately my pants from last time are so stretched out from my 40 week belly that I can barely keep them up on my still not-quite-there belly.

So. Here he his! Pardon my messy bathroom.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Our January that has been full of purging of things we don't need in our house is still in full effect. We have donated a whole car load of stuff to Goodwill, added extra shelving in our his/her's closets in the master and added shelving in our storage closet as well. Everything has to be reorganized to fit in its space. We bought those space saver bags for extra linens and ended up freeing up two shelves in our tiny linen closet. We are still in the process of reorganizing and purging everything that was in the dresser in Camden's new room and in the closet. We just have SO MUCH STUFF it seems. And it's stuff we didn't know we had or forgot about, which goes to show that it's really just NOT important. But like I have mentioned they are things we don't really want to get rid of. My wedding dress. Movies. My saddle. Crafts Camden has made.

I just need ONE more closet!!

I can't wait to get stuff organized and set up. At the same time, thinking of Camden sleeping in his new room so far away where I can't hear him? Just sounds insane. The other night he started fussing hardcore and it was turning into crying. Finally, husband got up to go see what was wrong. When Husband returned he said "his sleeves were stuck up and he wanted them down and couldn't get them down". He will be so far around the corner that I'm not sure if we will hear him crying, or for that matter getting sick in the middle of the night. It's weird to think!

The other day Camden was reading books before bed. He decided to "read" a book for Husband and I. It was so cute. He would flip the book around and show us the pictures, going from side to side around the room like a teacher would, then saying "next page" and 'reading' the book based off of the picture and then he would flip the book back around and sweep the room with the pictures to make sure both Husband and I saw them. Goodness it was adorable!

As challenging as this stage is with testing boundaries, independence and stubbornness - sure is a lot of fun. I can't wait for warmer days and longer days, so we can play outside and enjoy the sunshine!

This past weekend was AMAZING. We had a two relaxing days off, we took Camden to the Aquarium for the first time thanks to free tickets from family, and we just spent lots of time together as a family. In addtion to this we were asked at church to be leaders of the Host Team (the head of about 50 volunteers) and to lead them in encouraging emails/prayers and to help organize the set up of people. We are excited and nervous to be in this role and can't wait to see what it will bring! Besides that, I was also asked to take pictures for baptisms at one of the servies at church this past weekend. What! An! Honor! It was so cool to be up front and center and witness the joy and happiness and to be able to capture this special time for these people. So amazing!

So it was a fantastic weekend.

And then Monday happened. ;)

Monday started off like any other Monday. We were running late in the morning, about 15 minutes later than usual by the time we got to our cars. Whoopsie. So, we head out to our respective jobs and plan to get started. Camden of course woke up with worse pink eye than what he had the night before, so we had to wrestle him down and put drops in his eyes which he acts like it might be some form of medieval torture.

I pack the drops to take to school and am about to pull in to daycare and I hear "it".

You know what "it" is, I know you do.

That horrible wretching sound that you can hear from a mile away if you have mom ears. I stop the car and turn and look and ask him, "Camden, are you okay?" He nods and then I hear "it" again, followed by copious amounts of vomit. And then again. And again. By this time he's completely emptied his stomach contents of morning milk onto the front of his shirt all while strapped into his carseat. He's crying and upset, I have vomit all over my hands from putting a blanket up by his face in hopes of keeping some of it from splashing all over the car. He's done vomiting and he starts crying "I want bath". Awesome. Here I am 30 seconds from work and I'm thinking, "I do not want to waste this day of getting up and getting ready and all this hair gel". I call Husband in a panic asking him "you or me, who is staying home?" because obviously I can't take him to school like that. Husband says he'll analyze his work and call back while I attempt to clean up the car and tell people at work I'll be late. Then it dawns on me. MLK day! My mom! Luckily I have THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. And she happened to be off that day because it was a 'holiday'. Super Cici to the rescue! She was able to meet me at home to watch Camden. By the time she arrived I had stripped him down, clothes in the wash and I had cleaned out my car and tossed him in for his bath that he was demanding.

He stayed home and played, hardly ate and took a long nap. My mom took him to the pediatrician just to be safe, and of course he checked out just fine. He played okay the rest of the evening and got a good nights rest, so here's to hoping the rest of the weekday mornings start off less uneventful!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Survey says!

How far along?: 15 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: I am afraid to look. Honestly. Been trying to snack healthy. It's hard!

Maternity clothes?: Yes in pants. Just so much more comfortable. Thankfully that's what I got for Christmas!

Sleep: Still pretty good. Restless some nights and waking up to pee early, but I love my sleep!

Best moment of the week: Spending time in Camden's new room. Cleaning up our and purging things we don't need to make room for baby 2.0.

Movement: Not yet. Still a little early.

Food Cravings: Yes please. Craving fried chicken and waffles, also okra. Wanted blueberries really bad the other day and they happened to be on sale, so I could justify the purchase. I did manage to get some okra on Saturday, yum!

Gender: T minus 6.5 hours or so and counting!

What I miss: Nothing really. Maybe having a sports bra that fit?

What I am looking forward to: Gender reveal! - hopefully little one will cooperate and we will find out if it's a he or a she!

Weekly Wisdom: At 11 weeks I had a nurse practitioner at work have me turn in a circle and she told me boy. She said she was never wrong. Then I had a dream it was a boy. And then another supervisor at work did a crazy necklace thing by my hand and in front of my belly. She had me hold her necklace in my flat outstretched hand. She then picked it up by the clasp and dipped it down three times, and on the third time she held her hand up completely still. First time was a boy. She said that was for my first kid. She did it a second time. It swung again from front to back, so she said boy for my second. She did it a third time and the necklace didn't swing at all. She told me that meant I was only going to have two kids, and they are both going to be boys. She then went on to say that she has only been wrong once. Hmmm, we shall see!!

Milestones: I am starting to look pregnant. It's a love/hate feeling cause it's that point where it looks like I just ate too much for my last meal!

Big C Update: He still says he doesn't know if he wants a brother or a sister, we will make that decision for him shortly and inform him of what he's getting. He is looking so big these days, and just so fun to be around. Even if he's fussy. He is learning the importance of the word "obey" and has been sent to his room to calm down quite a few times recently. He's not allowed to come out until he is ready to say sorry, and he goes in there and sits in the dark and shuts his door. Needless to say, he doesn't stay in there too long before he comes running out signing AND saying "sorry". At least it seems to shut down his behaviors for a bit! He had a great morning last friday before school and obeyed and was just a joy to be around. What was the key? I think the fact that he got to wake himself up. But in the car he said "I obey Daddy" and then he went on to say "I obey Kisha too" (which is his teacher at school). I love it. I love that he's getting receptive enough to remember getting in trouble from two days before and what for - and actually learn from it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Last one, then all caught up!!

January 3rd, 2013

The holidays have finally passed. Things have been so busy around here. Husband was off for most of the Christmas/New Years Days, but he was off working around the house or helping his dad around his house. Our main goal was to paint Camden's new room and put up crown moulding. Mission accomplished! We are still in the process of needing to clean out the closet in that room, just thinking about that gives me anxiety. Where are we going to put all the stuff we had in there? Oh, to have a bigger house. Maybe one day!

We managed to paint, cut in, Husband and his dad put up the crown moulding and I helped do more cutting in and taping and painting. We finally finished and were able to get the mattress out of the hall and get some stuff set up in his new room. He loves to go in there and play, and was very excited to have a bed in there. He woke up one morning when we were both at home and the first words we heard from his room? "I play Camden's new room". He calls the bed, "Camden's new bed" but will still request help climbing up at times. I don't think he understands that he will get to sleep there soon. We are still debating on sheets/comforters/quilts. I found a set I just LOVE at Pottery Barn Kids. But have you seen the prices there? DANG. I don't know for sure if we can afford that. We already went to ALL of the local stores and shopped online as well. We are still discussing - I mean how many times will we buy him a new comforter/bedding like that? I mean we will buy sheets I'm sure, but the big stuff I am trying to get Husband to see as an investment. Because it is.

Today I am 13.5 weeks or so. I still feel sleepy as all get out and have been going to bed early. I have been doing a little better at going to the gym, I hate going in January though because of all the Resolutioners. I am craving cheeseburgers, fried chicken with waffles and okra. I have not succeeded in any of these desires. I did just find out that Cheddars and IHOP have fried chicken and waffles. Who knew?!? Maybe I'll eventually get it. Also trail mix sounds really good and I'm considering making my own. That just sounds like a lot of effort though, so may not happen.

I am off this coming Friday because I work the weekend. I am excited for a day to sleep in, I am just so tired. I have a lazy day planned with C, he needs his rest as well. I went to pick him up from daycare yesterday and there was kid puking in the corner. Flu season and the sickies are just that bad. I want him to have a few days at home to rest, fingers crossed he doesn't catch any of it.

I am counting down the days until the big gender reveal. 11 days from today I have my next appointment when we should be able to see. I can hardly stand the wait! Sleep is going okay, I am pretty restless in the middle of the night and don't remember waking so often in the past. I can still sleep on my stomach so I better soak that up while I can. I still have to wake early to pee though, can't get around that.

Other than that, all things are focused on "Camden's New Room" and getting him to love that room, parenting our two year old that can have his moments and eventually planning to take down Christmas stuff. Lots on the 'to do' list!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Secret baby blogging, continued.

December 20th, 2012

I had another appointment on Monday at 11w and 2d. Baby looked good, was measuring two days ahead. (for fun: if you are doing the math that means July 4th!) I finally got to meet the doctor, and he's awesome. Like super incredibly nice. I was kinda wondering why I didn't switch sooner he was so stinkin' nice. Also I got there - paid a co-pay, had an ultrasound, labwork, met with the finanial lady and was back to pick up little C within like 45 minutes. Super efficient, which is what I like. The doctor said, "I'll admit, we do more ultrasounds than necessary, but that's really just for fun". Hey, who can argue with that? It's pretty cool really. At this office you get one every visit. Super cool! The office is nice and huge and all of the staff members have been super personable. Me likey.

The doctor said he had a guess on what the gender was, but wouldn't tell me. He said "it would just be a guess". We should get to find out in a month! Crazy that he'll tell me so early, I'm super excited. Husband thinks it's going to be a girl. I think it's going to be a boy. Husband wants a boy. I want a girl. Kind of messed up thinking a little, no? One of us is going to be right! Honestly, I'd be good either way. Now that I have a boy I can only envision myself as a boy mom, unless something were to change - I'm sure of course that I would adapt. Only time will tell!

We started painting Camden's new room. We picked a khaki color for three walls and a nice shade of blue for an accent wall. It looks good, and Camden is thrilled with his blue wall. He's so fun these days, I love listening to him tell stories. He always has such an inflection in his voice, always goes higher at the end of a sentence "Daddy paint-ing, and Momma paint-ing!" He loves to jabber and talk and talk, he comes up with new stuff all the time. The other day I sneezed and he said "Bless you Mommy" and I had no idea he knew how to do that. It was so sweet!

When you ask him if he wants a brother or a sister he says, "no brother, no sister either" while adamantly shaking his head. Haha! Smart kid. Too bad he doesn't have a choice in the matter! He identifies the room we are painting as "Camden's new room" and he likes to go in there to play while we are painting and prepping, but he still see's his old room as his room. Baby steps I suppose! He's so used to his current room that it will definitely be a change. Good thing we have time. We are talking about setting it all up and moving toys in there so he plays and gets more comfortable. I usually don't do toys in the bedroom because I want him to associate his bedroom with sleep, but I think I might need a different strategy for this one. We shall see.

Christmas stuff is in full swing. Baking, preparing, wrapping presents and of course last minute shopping. I can't believe it's already here and almost time for a new year! So much to do, so many people to see. I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. It's cold, present shopping is stressful and there is SO much to do. I love getting to see and catch up with family. Maybe that is why my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. All the fun of Christmas but less shopping/stress.

More to come!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Continued baby blogging

It's gonna be post heavy around here for a few days so I can catch up. Enjoy!!

December 11th

Been staying busy again around these parts. Camden had RSV end of last week and of course he shared that nasty head cold with me, so I have been clogged up/feeling horrible for the past 4 days or so. Hopefully it will pass soon, as I have had about enough of this! Plus, there's still Christmas shopping to do! I feel tired, of course being pregnant and having nasty sinus stuff is probably the main culprit for that. I'm hungrier in the mornings, that is definitely changing. I used to wait to eat breakfast, that just ain't happening now!

Camden is starting to feel better and Chris is starting to feel sick. :( We have a very busy weekend planned this weekend. Not only do I work all weekend but we have Lifegroup on Friday and Saturday is Chris' work party and we will probably go to that after we hit up church. Busy, busy. When are we going to get that Christmas shopping done?

Services at church have been amazing. I love Christmastime and the songs. So good! We are going to multiple Christmas services. Why not? We are going to volunteer at some too.

I'm thinking I should start telling people at work soon that I'm pregnant. Maybe in a couple weeks.

That's really all I can think of for now. Here's a survey I did to pass some time. :)

How far along?: 10 weeks 3 days or something.

Total weight gain/loss: I don't know. I haven't really been keeping track, but up a few pounds so far.

Maternity clothes?: Not yet. Just making do with tighter pants for now, or rigging with a hair tie.

Sleep: Fine, just waking up some nights to pee. Can't complain though. At least, not yet.

Best moment of the week: Realizing I go to the doctor next week, hopefully I'll get to meet the new guy this time!

Movement: Not yet.

Food Cravings: Salty foods. Chili pies. Hot dogs. A cheeseburger sounds soooo good right now!

Gender: No idea.

Belly Button: Still there!

What I miss: nothing really. Maybe my pants fitting comfortably? But that's inevitable.

What I am looking forward to: My next appointment. Finding out the gender in two appointments!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't eat too many beans. It was just really painful on my stomach.

Milestones: None really. Unless you count that I already had my first appointment!

Big C Update: We asked him again the other day if he wanted a brother. He said "not a brother" so we asked him if he wanted a sister. He said "not sister either!". So, it's going swimmingly. :) I think he'll start to get it later. We can only hope!

Finished up with a hair tie rigging picture for my dignity! ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More baby blog posts

Wednesday December 5th.

So far I suppose I am about 9 1/2 weeks now. Things are going fine, but boy am I hungrier. I started eating breakfast again - oatmeal at work to help with my hunger. Usually I'm not hungry until about ten when I snack on some fruit. I've been noticing if I don't eat and try to "wait it out" I find junk around work to eat. Doughnuts, snack foods, not healthy stuff. So, oatmeal it is. Now I need to cut down on my afternoon snacking, my biggest challenge. Ugh.

Things are going well, always get super tired around 1030 at work. Like whoa. I am so tired at night but then I can't seem to get myself into bed at a decent hour. So much going on that it just seems impossible. Maybe tonight I'll have better luck.

We kind of gave up on telling Camden about the baby for now. I mean, he kinda gets it, but I think he'll get it even better when there is a belly. He's been so much fun lately despite random sickies and coughs and tantrums. This age really is exciting!

My pants are still tight but I'm trying to work out and hope that nothing shows for a bit longer. I think a lot of my weight is in my boobs, those things are ridiculous to take along to workout again.

We went to Lowes this past weekend to look at paint colors. Camden of course says he likes "this color" but then later picks like 4 other totally different colors. We are trying to decide which wall we will paint an accent color, and what color the rest of the walls will be. We keep showing Camden the guest room and call it his "new room" and he will still point to his current room and correct us that is his room. Chris is planning on doing crown moulding in there to finish it off, which will be a nice addition since only Camden's current room has the crown moulding. Sounds like a nice little winter project, cleaning out the guest room, purging of things we don't need (OH MY GOODNESS - WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT MY SADDLE? For clarification purposes I will NOT be getting rid of that), and then rearranging his room, and setting it up to his liking. I think we should be able to get it all figured out. Hopefully. Hopefully Camden can transition to the room springtimeish. Of course, that's really all up in the air and we want him to be ready for that.

Alright, this tired momma feels like she has typed enough for now. Don't go back to the doctor until the 17th, so that's still almost two weeks away. Can't wait to see little bit again!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Oops apparently I skipped this week...

Another in the series... this is from the week prior to my last post!
Tuesday November 20
I went to my first appointment yesterday on November 19th. I arrived rather quickly at my new doctor, surprised at how easy the commute was when you pick a doctor close to your workplace. The secretary was so sweet and chatty that I felt right at home, immediately. The office was big and nice and welcoming, and was about 10 times bigger than my doctor with C. The nurse was a total sweetheart, and I already knew that from when I called with my sinus infection two weeks prior. I head into the room and they tell me that they will do ultrasounds at most appointments and that the doctor would be in shortly. Of course, there was a wrench in the plans, the nurse comes back in shortly after I peed in my cup to tell me that "he just got called to go to the hospital to deliver a baby". They give me the option to stay and see the PA or to reschedule. I am not a fan of rescheduling and I'm honestly not concerned. I will have PLENTY more appointments to meet him. I wait around for the PA to come in, they return to tell me that the OTHER doctor also got called to deliver a baby, so the PA was swamped. It really wasn't too long of a wait, before I knew it she came right in, was super sweet and I got to see the little blip on the screen. It was really there! I mean I guess I knew it was, but until you get to actually see it it doesn't really set in. Fetal heart rate was 145, measuring right on track for a due date of July 6th or so.
I texted Chris to tell him everything and his first question was, BOY or GIRL? haha. Patience, dear Husband.
On the way out they handed me a big sack full of information, tons of prenatal vitamins to try and even a book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I already had the book but thought that was a super nice gesture!!  I was happy with the visit and the place, and I'm sure I'll be just as happy with my doctor too.
Upon picking up Camden, I placed my name on the waiting list. Number 31! Crazy, since they have at least ten immediate openings now. It shouldn't be a problem, but it was just weird. I asked Camden when I picked him up if he wanted a sister or a brother. He said, "NOT SISTER!" and made a sad face every time I said sister, but nodded when I said brother. I guess the boy knows what he wants.  Only time will tell! I'm excited because I should get some sort of "idea" a bit earlier with this doctor than the last one. Like a month earlier. That's pretty cool.
Overall I am feeling great. Smells are strong again, I swear the smell of eggs at work is just disgusting. But other than that, doing well. Still trying to workout as often as possible, trying to watch my eating and not let things get out of control. Because lets face it, things DID get out of control last time on top of the amount of water I retained it was just disgusting. Better luck this time! As much as I wasn't a fan of being pregnant and gaining weight and not feeling like myself and the heartburn, I am SUPER SUPER stoked about this time. And nervous as all get out. We mesh so well as a family of three right now, why change that? Too late, because we are!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Secret Baby Blogging..

Wednesday, November 28th

I'm feeling tired. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am working ten days in a row with my two days off NOT being next to each other and one of those days being the business that was Thanksgiving. Even though I am so tired, I don't feel like I am AS tired as last time. I think it has to do with the fact that I simply cannot allow myself to nap or give in to the tired. I am too busy and just have too much to do. With a toddler I don't feel that I have the choice. Plus it's Christmas time, there is so much for Camden to see and experience this year! So there's that. I am feeling fine, just sleepy.

My pants started doing the "I don't want to fit" thing, and I had to geri rig some of the smaller ones with a hair tie. It seems so soon to be having to do that, but I guess they say with the muscle memory the second time around it is almost "easier" for your body to fill out. Great. I'm trying to console myself with the fact that these pants never fit that great in the first place, and 5 months after I had Camden I was convinced I might never get back into these work khakis and I'd have to go buy new ones, and then eventually I did. Darn hips. I'm cheap, so luckily they worked. Finding work khakis is probably my least favorite thing to do anyway.

My niece was born two days ago and Camden got to go and love on her and it was adorable. If you ask him how you hold a baby, he holds his with the palms up, touching each other and bent at the elbows with his hands pretty close to his face. Its smiliar to how he holds his hands up to "catch" a football. It's pretty cute. He kept kissing her on the head when we asked and he was able to say her name "Maddie" and tell her not to cry. It was pretty sweet. He was very gentle, I'm looking forward to seeing him take on his role as big brother. I think he'll do just fine!

I sent my boss an email this week saying I was pregnant so she could start making coverage arrangements to find someone to help the other two girls while I am out. They did it alone last time and I'm pretty sure that could never happen again. It was crazy busy. She said "congrats" and that she would talk to the CEO about it. I guess my work there is done, now it's waiting to see what becomes of it. Hopefully they will find someone to sub while I'm out, it's a lot of slack to pick up for three months! ;)

Chris and I are talking about when we want to transition Camden to his new room and how that's gonna work. We definitely will have to clean it out after Christmas and rearrange some furniture. Things are going to have to move to the attic or they are gonna have to be donated. Just not enough room for it all! It's crazy to think he'll be moving to a big queen sized bed soon. He's such a big boy! I'm excited to paint and decorate a new room for him. I think he will really enjoy it!

Nothing else exciting is going on here. Craving salty things so I have been making chili and throwing a few fritos and sour cream in. Yummy.

I go back to the doctor in mid December. Sounds SO far away. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the little blip, and hopefully meeitng the doctor this time!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Secret baby blog

I wrote some stuff out as I found out we were pregnant and went to my first doctors' appointment. Here are a few of the posts I have written and saved...

Friday, November 16th...

I have known for a couple weeks know that I am pregnant. I knew I was supposed to start before Halloween, and it never came. I didn't officially take a pregnancy test that looked right (you know how all those plusses and things are) until our anniversary on November 4th. (I know, cue the awwwws). I had to work that day, so I left out the test and a little note for Husband to find when he woke up telling him that I was pretty sure "this was a yes". He knew it was coming anyway, but still.

It's been hard to keep it a secret, sometimes I just want to blurt it out. At work, to people at daycare, to family. But I'm being patient!

I have a doctors appointment on Monday the 19th. If all goes well there then we will plan how and when we want to tell families. At that point I will probably tell daycare so I can get on the waiting list to get #2 in the same awesome Daycare as C. Fingers crossed they will have a spot!

I'm feeling fine so far. Very thirsty, peeing a lot, and already forgetting to take my vitamin. (FAIL). Of course I'm very tired, and naps are amazing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can nap some this weekend when C naps, in between picture taking and church. I mean it's a free weekend, doesn't a nap just sound glorious?

I have switched doctors, and chose someone that seems to be a little closer to work, so that I can go for appointments without having much of an issue. This doctor also delivers at the hospital I had C at, which is what I prefer. Close to home and smaller - I really enjoyed that people could come visit and not get lost on the way. A girl at work sees the same doctor I picked and she LOVES him, so I suppose that is a good sign.

Because of all of this early pregnancy thing, when I had that nasty sinus infection/allergy/cold thing going on - I couldn't take ANYTHING to knock it out. It was tough. Finally I saw that I could take some Robitussin DM - thankfully because I spent an entire weekend of not sleeping. It was horrible. I have people handing me samples of Mucinex and people giving me cough syrup with codeine(mom!), that I couldn't do anything with but "pretend" to take it. You never know, I mean you just want to be sure.

A co-worker at work told me about the new study that they just came out with a few days ago. The one where they checked with moms to see if they ever had a fever while they were sick, and found that if you did in fact have a fever you were more likely to have a child with autisim or something along those lines. Crazy thinking, right? It's kinda made me a little paranoid about getting sick.

Very Excited!!