Monday, January 14, 2013

Survey says!

How far along?: 15 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: I am afraid to look. Honestly. Been trying to snack healthy. It's hard!

Maternity clothes?: Yes in pants. Just so much more comfortable. Thankfully that's what I got for Christmas!

Sleep: Still pretty good. Restless some nights and waking up to pee early, but I love my sleep!

Best moment of the week: Spending time in Camden's new room. Cleaning up our and purging things we don't need to make room for baby 2.0.

Movement: Not yet. Still a little early.

Food Cravings: Yes please. Craving fried chicken and waffles, also okra. Wanted blueberries really bad the other day and they happened to be on sale, so I could justify the purchase. I did manage to get some okra on Saturday, yum!

Gender: T minus 6.5 hours or so and counting!

What I miss: Nothing really. Maybe having a sports bra that fit?

What I am looking forward to: Gender reveal! - hopefully little one will cooperate and we will find out if it's a he or a she!

Weekly Wisdom: At 11 weeks I had a nurse practitioner at work have me turn in a circle and she told me boy. She said she was never wrong. Then I had a dream it was a boy. And then another supervisor at work did a crazy necklace thing by my hand and in front of my belly. She had me hold her necklace in my flat outstretched hand. She then picked it up by the clasp and dipped it down three times, and on the third time she held her hand up completely still. First time was a boy. She said that was for my first kid. She did it a second time. It swung again from front to back, so she said boy for my second. She did it a third time and the necklace didn't swing at all. She told me that meant I was only going to have two kids, and they are both going to be boys. She then went on to say that she has only been wrong once. Hmmm, we shall see!!

Milestones: I am starting to look pregnant. It's a love/hate feeling cause it's that point where it looks like I just ate too much for my last meal!

Big C Update: He still says he doesn't know if he wants a brother or a sister, we will make that decision for him shortly and inform him of what he's getting. He is looking so big these days, and just so fun to be around. Even if he's fussy. He is learning the importance of the word "obey" and has been sent to his room to calm down quite a few times recently. He's not allowed to come out until he is ready to say sorry, and he goes in there and sits in the dark and shuts his door. Needless to say, he doesn't stay in there too long before he comes running out signing AND saying "sorry". At least it seems to shut down his behaviors for a bit! He had a great morning last friday before school and obeyed and was just a joy to be around. What was the key? I think the fact that he got to wake himself up. But in the car he said "I obey Daddy" and then he went on to say "I obey Kisha too" (which is his teacher at school). I love it. I love that he's getting receptive enough to remember getting in trouble from two days before and what for - and actually learn from it.


  1. Yeah! Can't wait to hear if Camden will have a brother or a sister!