Monday, January 7, 2013

Oops apparently I skipped this week...

Another in the series... this is from the week prior to my last post!
Tuesday November 20
I went to my first appointment yesterday on November 19th. I arrived rather quickly at my new doctor, surprised at how easy the commute was when you pick a doctor close to your workplace. The secretary was so sweet and chatty that I felt right at home, immediately. The office was big and nice and welcoming, and was about 10 times bigger than my doctor with C. The nurse was a total sweetheart, and I already knew that from when I called with my sinus infection two weeks prior. I head into the room and they tell me that they will do ultrasounds at most appointments and that the doctor would be in shortly. Of course, there was a wrench in the plans, the nurse comes back in shortly after I peed in my cup to tell me that "he just got called to go to the hospital to deliver a baby". They give me the option to stay and see the PA or to reschedule. I am not a fan of rescheduling and I'm honestly not concerned. I will have PLENTY more appointments to meet him. I wait around for the PA to come in, they return to tell me that the OTHER doctor also got called to deliver a baby, so the PA was swamped. It really wasn't too long of a wait, before I knew it she came right in, was super sweet and I got to see the little blip on the screen. It was really there! I mean I guess I knew it was, but until you get to actually see it it doesn't really set in. Fetal heart rate was 145, measuring right on track for a due date of July 6th or so.
I texted Chris to tell him everything and his first question was, BOY or GIRL? haha. Patience, dear Husband.
On the way out they handed me a big sack full of information, tons of prenatal vitamins to try and even a book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I already had the book but thought that was a super nice gesture!!  I was happy with the visit and the place, and I'm sure I'll be just as happy with my doctor too.
Upon picking up Camden, I placed my name on the waiting list. Number 31! Crazy, since they have at least ten immediate openings now. It shouldn't be a problem, but it was just weird. I asked Camden when I picked him up if he wanted a sister or a brother. He said, "NOT SISTER!" and made a sad face every time I said sister, but nodded when I said brother. I guess the boy knows what he wants.  Only time will tell! I'm excited because I should get some sort of "idea" a bit earlier with this doctor than the last one. Like a month earlier. That's pretty cool.
Overall I am feeling great. Smells are strong again, I swear the smell of eggs at work is just disgusting. But other than that, doing well. Still trying to workout as often as possible, trying to watch my eating and not let things get out of control. Because lets face it, things DID get out of control last time on top of the amount of water I retained it was just disgusting. Better luck this time! As much as I wasn't a fan of being pregnant and gaining weight and not feeling like myself and the heartburn, I am SUPER SUPER stoked about this time. And nervous as all get out. We mesh so well as a family of three right now, why change that? Too late, because we are!

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