Friday, January 11, 2013

Last one, then all caught up!!

January 3rd, 2013

The holidays have finally passed. Things have been so busy around here. Husband was off for most of the Christmas/New Years Days, but he was off working around the house or helping his dad around his house. Our main goal was to paint Camden's new room and put up crown moulding. Mission accomplished! We are still in the process of needing to clean out the closet in that room, just thinking about that gives me anxiety. Where are we going to put all the stuff we had in there? Oh, to have a bigger house. Maybe one day!

We managed to paint, cut in, Husband and his dad put up the crown moulding and I helped do more cutting in and taping and painting. We finally finished and were able to get the mattress out of the hall and get some stuff set up in his new room. He loves to go in there and play, and was very excited to have a bed in there. He woke up one morning when we were both at home and the first words we heard from his room? "I play Camden's new room". He calls the bed, "Camden's new bed" but will still request help climbing up at times. I don't think he understands that he will get to sleep there soon. We are still debating on sheets/comforters/quilts. I found a set I just LOVE at Pottery Barn Kids. But have you seen the prices there? DANG. I don't know for sure if we can afford that. We already went to ALL of the local stores and shopped online as well. We are still discussing - I mean how many times will we buy him a new comforter/bedding like that? I mean we will buy sheets I'm sure, but the big stuff I am trying to get Husband to see as an investment. Because it is.

Today I am 13.5 weeks or so. I still feel sleepy as all get out and have been going to bed early. I have been doing a little better at going to the gym, I hate going in January though because of all the Resolutioners. I am craving cheeseburgers, fried chicken with waffles and okra. I have not succeeded in any of these desires. I did just find out that Cheddars and IHOP have fried chicken and waffles. Who knew?!? Maybe I'll eventually get it. Also trail mix sounds really good and I'm considering making my own. That just sounds like a lot of effort though, so may not happen.

I am off this coming Friday because I work the weekend. I am excited for a day to sleep in, I am just so tired. I have a lazy day planned with C, he needs his rest as well. I went to pick him up from daycare yesterday and there was kid puking in the corner. Flu season and the sickies are just that bad. I want him to have a few days at home to rest, fingers crossed he doesn't catch any of it.

I am counting down the days until the big gender reveal. 11 days from today I have my next appointment when we should be able to see. I can hardly stand the wait! Sleep is going okay, I am pretty restless in the middle of the night and don't remember waking so often in the past. I can still sleep on my stomach so I better soak that up while I can. I still have to wake early to pee though, can't get around that.

Other than that, all things are focused on "Camden's New Room" and getting him to love that room, parenting our two year old that can have his moments and eventually planning to take down Christmas stuff. Lots on the 'to do' list!


  1. So excited for Camden! A new room, new bed, new baby! yay!

  2. If Hubby is reading this he should side with you on the comforter. Agreed, sheets you can get cheap but a bedspread you want a nice durable one that will last you a LONG time. All of Harper's bedding is from PBK and I LOVE it! It really is just made so well...hence the prices :)