Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Our January that has been full of purging of things we don't need in our house is still in full effect. We have donated a whole car load of stuff to Goodwill, added extra shelving in our his/her's closets in the master and added shelving in our storage closet as well. Everything has to be reorganized to fit in its space. We bought those space saver bags for extra linens and ended up freeing up two shelves in our tiny linen closet. We are still in the process of reorganizing and purging everything that was in the dresser in Camden's new room and in the closet. We just have SO MUCH STUFF it seems. And it's stuff we didn't know we had or forgot about, which goes to show that it's really just NOT important. But like I have mentioned they are things we don't really want to get rid of. My wedding dress. Movies. My saddle. Crafts Camden has made.

I just need ONE more closet!!

I can't wait to get stuff organized and set up. At the same time, thinking of Camden sleeping in his new room so far away where I can't hear him? Just sounds insane. The other night he started fussing hardcore and it was turning into crying. Finally, husband got up to go see what was wrong. When Husband returned he said "his sleeves were stuck up and he wanted them down and couldn't get them down". He will be so far around the corner that I'm not sure if we will hear him crying, or for that matter getting sick in the middle of the night. It's weird to think!

The other day Camden was reading books before bed. He decided to "read" a book for Husband and I. It was so cute. He would flip the book around and show us the pictures, going from side to side around the room like a teacher would, then saying "next page" and 'reading' the book based off of the picture and then he would flip the book back around and sweep the room with the pictures to make sure both Husband and I saw them. Goodness it was adorable!

As challenging as this stage is with testing boundaries, independence and stubbornness - sure is a lot of fun. I can't wait for warmer days and longer days, so we can play outside and enjoy the sunshine!

This past weekend was AMAZING. We had a two relaxing days off, we took Camden to the Aquarium for the first time thanks to free tickets from family, and we just spent lots of time together as a family. In addtion to this we were asked at church to be leaders of the Host Team (the head of about 50 volunteers) and to lead them in encouraging emails/prayers and to help organize the set up of people. We are excited and nervous to be in this role and can't wait to see what it will bring! Besides that, I was also asked to take pictures for baptisms at one of the servies at church this past weekend. What! An! Honor! It was so cool to be up front and center and witness the joy and happiness and to be able to capture this special time for these people. So amazing!

So it was a fantastic weekend.

And then Monday happened. ;)

Monday started off like any other Monday. We were running late in the morning, about 15 minutes later than usual by the time we got to our cars. Whoopsie. So, we head out to our respective jobs and plan to get started. Camden of course woke up with worse pink eye than what he had the night before, so we had to wrestle him down and put drops in his eyes which he acts like it might be some form of medieval torture.

I pack the drops to take to school and am about to pull in to daycare and I hear "it".

You know what "it" is, I know you do.

That horrible wretching sound that you can hear from a mile away if you have mom ears. I stop the car and turn and look and ask him, "Camden, are you okay?" He nods and then I hear "it" again, followed by copious amounts of vomit. And then again. And again. By this time he's completely emptied his stomach contents of morning milk onto the front of his shirt all while strapped into his carseat. He's crying and upset, I have vomit all over my hands from putting a blanket up by his face in hopes of keeping some of it from splashing all over the car. He's done vomiting and he starts crying "I want bath". Awesome. Here I am 30 seconds from work and I'm thinking, "I do not want to waste this day of getting up and getting ready and all this hair gel". I call Husband in a panic asking him "you or me, who is staying home?" because obviously I can't take him to school like that. Husband says he'll analyze his work and call back while I attempt to clean up the car and tell people at work I'll be late. Then it dawns on me. MLK day! My mom! Luckily I have THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. And she happened to be off that day because it was a 'holiday'. Super Cici to the rescue! She was able to meet me at home to watch Camden. By the time she arrived I had stripped him down, clothes in the wash and I had cleaned out my car and tossed him in for his bath that he was demanding.

He stayed home and played, hardly ate and took a long nap. My mom took him to the pediatrician just to be safe, and of course he checked out just fine. He played okay the rest of the evening and got a good nights rest, so here's to hoping the rest of the weekday mornings start off less uneventful!

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