Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Secret Baby Blogging..

Wednesday, November 28th

I'm feeling tired. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am working ten days in a row with my two days off NOT being next to each other and one of those days being the business that was Thanksgiving. Even though I am so tired, I don't feel like I am AS tired as last time. I think it has to do with the fact that I simply cannot allow myself to nap or give in to the tired. I am too busy and just have too much to do. With a toddler I don't feel that I have the choice. Plus it's Christmas time, there is so much for Camden to see and experience this year! So there's that. I am feeling fine, just sleepy.

My pants started doing the "I don't want to fit" thing, and I had to geri rig some of the smaller ones with a hair tie. It seems so soon to be having to do that, but I guess they say with the muscle memory the second time around it is almost "easier" for your body to fill out. Great. I'm trying to console myself with the fact that these pants never fit that great in the first place, and 5 months after I had Camden I was convinced I might never get back into these work khakis and I'd have to go buy new ones, and then eventually I did. Darn hips. I'm cheap, so luckily they worked. Finding work khakis is probably my least favorite thing to do anyway.

My niece was born two days ago and Camden got to go and love on her and it was adorable. If you ask him how you hold a baby, he holds his with the palms up, touching each other and bent at the elbows with his hands pretty close to his face. Its smiliar to how he holds his hands up to "catch" a football. It's pretty cute. He kept kissing her on the head when we asked and he was able to say her name "Maddie" and tell her not to cry. It was pretty sweet. He was very gentle, I'm looking forward to seeing him take on his role as big brother. I think he'll do just fine!

I sent my boss an email this week saying I was pregnant so she could start making coverage arrangements to find someone to help the other two girls while I am out. They did it alone last time and I'm pretty sure that could never happen again. It was crazy busy. She said "congrats" and that she would talk to the CEO about it. I guess my work there is done, now it's waiting to see what becomes of it. Hopefully they will find someone to sub while I'm out, it's a lot of slack to pick up for three months! ;)

Chris and I are talking about when we want to transition Camden to his new room and how that's gonna work. We definitely will have to clean it out after Christmas and rearrange some furniture. Things are going to have to move to the attic or they are gonna have to be donated. Just not enough room for it all! It's crazy to think he'll be moving to a big queen sized bed soon. He's such a big boy! I'm excited to paint and decorate a new room for him. I think he will really enjoy it!

Nothing else exciting is going on here. Craving salty things so I have been making chili and throwing a few fritos and sour cream in. Yummy.

I go back to the doctor in mid December. Sounds SO far away. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the little blip, and hopefully meeitng the doctor this time!

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