Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eye See You

Camden has had a rough go the past few days, as it seems the bottom molars may be wanting to poke through. Little man hasn't been in the best of moods when he hurts, I feel for him. He also isn't the biggest fan of having a camera stuck in his face when he isn't feeling well, but Mommy can't help it. She is such a fan of those baby blues that she just can't get enough.

I took this picture the other day after eating lunch. I pulled Camden over to our big windows in the kitchen while still in his high chair so I could get some good light into those eyes so I could really capture the color. I think I succeeded, no?

Coupled with the gorgeous blue and green shirt? Nom nom nom. Just want to kiss those cheeks!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I caved...

and have been on a shoe kick lately. Camden has been on the receiving end, as he got two pair.

The first was a pair of Keens. After attempting flip flops with no such luck, I saw my friend Tessa had Keens on her boys in a picture on her blog. Naturally, I loved the look and I know that my Mom LOVES hers. And since I am giving up on the flip flop idea I decided it was a good choice. I looked at Carter's previously and at Target and both their sandals? Eh, not super impressive. Carters shoes were harder and just as expensive. 39 bucks and there was no give on the sole. I looked online at the Keens and they were cute, and well put together. I called stores ALL OVER TOWN and finally found a store that carried toddler sizes. Yes!

We went in and they had one pair of size 5 toddlers open toed Keens on clearance. We tried them on and they fit. They were much softer and had quite a bit of give/cushion. Guess who brought those home? They are adorable.

His shoes look something like that, but are navy(er). We got a good deal on them, and they are squishy soft, so I like that. Also? He doesn't try to take them off as often. Maybe sandals were the right thing since his feet always get so hot!

The other pair of shoes he has that should be arriving Thursday are his Toms. Daddy really liked the orange soles of these Toms and agreed that he needed these. In fact, these were picked out by Chris. Then I checked retail me not, found a discount code for five bucks off. SCORE! Now, if I could just talk him into the burlap TOMS for my birthday...

Happy shoeing friends!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lately we've been having issues with Pearl and her soreness. I've mentioned before that she's really starting to show her age. It's really a bummer. She got a in a fight with the devil (AKA my parents dog) and she's just getting too old for that. Since then she's been gimping around, acting like it hurts to jump. Then she will get overly excited when we are blowing bubbles for Camden, and forget she is sore and jump and chase after them. And before we know it, she will literally be limping away with a foot in the air.

I've done some research on glucosamine and joints in dogs. It appears that it can be very beneficial, so I think I may be taking the plunge in an attempt to relieve my little pup. It seems like a good idea, especially with swimming season coming up! Just another investment in the silly girl! She is so incredibly worth it though.

A new place opened up in town called Pinot's Palette. I am dying to go. I have work friends who have already attended, and I want to test it out. All the paintings I would like to make, something seems to be planned that night. I do love the tulips though! Soon, mark my words.

My birthday is coming up soon. So that's fun! Not a whole lot changes with this year except I will have to push the up arrow one more time on the ellipticals at the gym. Blah.

I am looking into investing in a new phone cover that my friend Tiffany told me about. She says that her cousin has taken it scuba diving and at the display in Best Buy a phone is shown IN the case IN A FISH TANK. Underwater. SO, I guess it works? It might not be a bad investment. Camden keeps trying to teeth on my phone cover.

I made a red velvet cake ball the other day. It was so delightful. And so bad for my hips.

I had a horrible nights sleep the other night. I had the same dream I always have when someone is chasing me. I swear, its the exact same thing. And I always wake up enough but how come I can't seem to change the outcome? It's annoying, really.

Speaking of not sleeping, I have owned the Hunger Games book for over a YEAR and A HALF and still haven't cracked it open. In fact, I bought it before Camden was born. I've never had a book sit around that long that I haven't put to good use and devoured it. What am I waiting on? I don't know. It better not be scary, or else things will chase me and I won't sleep. I hope to start it soon.

I'm watching an Ellen with Kristin Chenoweth and she's hilarious. Besides that the thing she is getting to catch on where she does the Dance Dares? Where they dance hardcore behind someone while others are videotaping? It's hilarious. I LOVE watching. How do people see that and keep a straight face? Hilarious.

I have played so much Draw Something that I swear I think I have seen most all of the words. I can't tell you how many times I have drawn Florida, Teeth, Chainsaw or they want me to draw Katniss. Come on Draw Something, get creative here!

I spent most of the other day doing some spring cleaning. It was hardcore. I'm talking steam mopping, scrubbing baseboards and vacuuming crevices. I think the washer and dryer ran non stop. We put away most of Camden's winter clothes, and all the clothes that were too small before deep cleaning his room. I'm still slightly in denial about the fact that I need to start buying my little guy 24M shirts - or 2T. That sounds SO big!! The house looks good though. On top of deep spring cleaning, Chris washed both cars and I clipped and bathed the dog. If I'm gonna clean the whole house, I might as well scrub the dog too, right??

I am dying to shop for some new something. It's been a while since I have gotten some new clothes and with the change of season it has made me want a few new shirts. But? Going to look for them sounds like too much work and unappealing. And I'm so cheap anymore, I won't shop without a coupon. Therefore? I wait. And continue to look for adorable things for Camden. He's much for fun to shop for anyway, his clothes almost always fit him the way I want them to! With the change of season, I've been looking at putting flip flops on him. I have bought two different pairs, but homeboy will NOT let me put anything in between his toes. Maybe I just haven't found the right pair? A pair that won't put so much fabric between his toes? Who knows.

Speaking of change of season, I can't get over how fast this year has seemed to have flown by. Do you realize that it is almost APRIL? How on earth is it Spring already? Didn't we JUST have Christmas? Time seems to go so much faster when you have a little kid that is growing by leaps and bounds. Really puts things in perspective!

That's all the random I have for now. Have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

19 Months!

Happy 19 months!! 24 months is closing in on us, little one! You are officially closer to two than one. You are a busy body, that's for sure. You are getting toddler and looking more "little boyish" than ever. Mommy gave you a haircut a couple weeks ago and each time you get a haircut, you just look so grown up!

{look at those lashes!}

You are still wearing a size 5 shoe that is pretty big on you, size five diapers and size 18 month tops and pants. We can put 2T on you, but they are a little big and definitely too long.

This month has been a little rough for you. And by that I mean you are cutting your molars and it's rough on everyone. Your sleep has been disrupted and you are a drooly mess that spends most of the day with your fist in your mouth. Unfortunately for everyone, you are only cutting your top two. I imagine we will go through this AGAIN with the bottoms. You ran a fever for a few days, at one point you got kicked out of daycare for your fever. I promptly took you to the doctor to get completely checked out and all flu/RSV came back negative. Of course, as soon as the doctor saw you his remark was, "I see he's still bow legged". Yup! sounds about right. We are still monitoring it, like we were told to do. Hopefully you grow out of it as you get taller!

This month you graduated from Diaper Dolphins, your first round of swim lessons. You LOVED it. I can't believe some of the stuff they have you do. I think you are just the perfect age for it and I hope this continues on to having some good swim habits. The other little girl in the class with us was not a fan of going under water. She would see you go under and then she'd say "no no no" when it was her turn. I almost feel bad for flaunting your skills, but you have so much fun there! I let you go under as often as you want, and you don't seem to mind it. They bring out the slides and you get all excited, asking for 'more more'. The last day they taught you a new skill that is practiced in the class a level up. I was so surprised you could do it. They have me hold you, facing away from me, and I am to ask you "where's Mommy" before dropping you under water. And while you are under you are supposed to turn around and then I pull you out and exclaim, "you found me!". You picked it up really fast and it didn't seem to faze you one bit. The progress you have made is partly why we decided to continue on for one more session!

The playhouse Daddy is building for you in the backyard is coming along. You already LOVE it. You open the windows, open and shut the door, and you love the swing. You love being outside and this weather has just been gorgeous to play outside.

{I think you learned the holding a screw in your mouth from Daddy. You have also enjoyed teething on them}

The biggest development this month happened a week ago today. You had been waking up pretty regularly because of your teeth. Early Thursday morning was no different. As I hear you crying I wonder if maybe it's becoming a habit so I let you fuss a little longer to see if you will settle. Things did get quiet, so I went back to sleep. Next thing I know there is a pat-pat-pat of little feet running down the hall. In my disbelief I smacked your Daddy's arm, and he startled and must have thought there was an intruder. We put you back to bed where you fussed for a while. Again it got quiet. I bolted out of bed to find you dangling over the edge of your crib about to drop. You are such a little turkey. I ended up holding you until you got sleepy and then we had no further problems that night. We have had to watch you closely though at naptime and bedtime. To say Mommy is sleeping HORRIBLY because she's paranoid would be an understatement. I probably get up 3 or 4 times and peer through the crack in your door to see if you are stirring. Apparently the extra padding underneath your crib in case you bail out again doesn't do enough to settle Mommy's nerves.

You are talking more and more but it is still a slow process. You are especially keen on those B words. You comprehend so much though, and that's the important part. You can point out all of your body parts, you can follow directions to do certain things, (but still have problems with the NOT doing certain You have picked up saying "nigh nigh, nice, go outside, baby (which also means bunny) and ish (fish), circle, bite, red, blue and bee bee (which I am pretty sure is code for iPad)". You are quick to point out anything that might be a 'ball', to point at birds, helicopters, planes and motorcycles. You mimic dogs when you hear them, still with a 'who who'. You are getting pretty good at recognizing shapes that match and love to play the games involving these on the iPad. You love to tell people and things "hi" and "bye". You could spend all day going in and out of your playhouse, saying these things and knocking on your door.

You have had an obsession with taking off and attempting to put on shoes. You are GREAT at taking shoes off, but the putting on still needs some work. I think you are driving your teachers at school nuts because they can't keep shoes on you! Apparently it's multiple times a day.

Camden, you continue to amaze us daily with your personality, your intelligence and your adorable smile. Your Daddy and I will be playing with you in the evenings and you'll do something new, or stand up and flash us a big grin. That's when we have to completely stop what we are doing and point out to the other person just how incredibly big you have gotten. You keep us on our toes and you keep us busy, but we couldn't imagine life any other way!

Love you to the moon and back!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Little Diaper Dolphin

My little Diaper Dolphin graduated class last week! He loved the last week of class because it was water safety, and the bigger classes had a canoe in the pool that they were taking rides in, and learning canoe and life jacket safety. Camden loved to watch the canoe! Since he was the only person in class that day, it was just us and the teacher for thirty minutes. We went through our songs and paces, went under water and even learned some new tricks and tried out floaties for the first time. He wasn't the biggest fan of the floaties, but he wore them! Then our instructor surprised us at the end and said Camden could take a boat ride with the bigger class of kids, "since he was so advanced". He had to put the floaties back on which he couldn't put his arms in fast enough when she told him he could go on the "boat". {The way he says it - it sounds like bow} He was super excited! Unfortunately, I didn't get any canoe day pics, as my photographer couldn't make it. (Thanks Marcie for all your pictures from the other sessions!!) I believe the pictures below are from the fourth of our six sessions. The smile on his face is undeniable!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Colored Denim

What are your thoughts on colored denim?

Lately I have seen it popping up everywhere, and I haven't decided how I fully feel about it. To me, it seems to still have such an 80s vibe. But, people sure a dressing up the denim nicely and it looks much better than I could have imagined.

Unfortunately, when I go shopping (which is rare anymore) I buy staple pieces that are versatile and that can go with everything. So buying a bright red pair of pants just screams that I wouldn't be able to wear them as often as I do my current favorite pair of jeans. (And for those of you curious - I have ONE favorite pair and they get washed weekly and worn ALL. WEEKEND.)

Not to mention - I don't have the best style and I don't know if I could pull off colored denim. But what do you all think?

Yay or Nay?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Daylight Savings Monday

Happy Daylight Savings Monday Everyone! If you thought last Monday was bad, this Monday is going to be that much more fun!! How did you all do losing an hour of sleep? It's by far my least favorite for that reason, but I do enjoy it being late lighter that's for sure.

Camden was good this past weekend but a little on edge. At times he felt pretty warm, but we were out and about so never able to take his temperature. We are still working on growing those molars, so his bouts of fussiness would be over something completely ridiculous, like we told him he would have to brush his teeth and he'd lose it. Poor guy, it can't be any fun.

Of course, daylight savings night he wakes up crying in pain and then was up for a good two hours, which is really three hours on daylight savings night. I gave him Tylenol and some teething tablets and then he just wanted to be held. He's only this little (it's really not little anymore - I notice that when he laid on my chest he's tall enough now to take up my whole upper half!) for so long, so I couldn't help but to hold him. He laid awake patting me and snuggling. I finally laid him down wide awake and he went to sleep without a fuss. Unfortunately for me, I had trouble falling asleep!

Other than that, it was a great weekend. The playhouse got shingles and is coming along. It needs paint and a front door and a porch railing and we just might be good to go! It is looking really good though. We ran errands Saturday night, enough to keep us busy. I experimented with making a red velvet cake dip/cheese ball thing and it is delightful.

Sunday we woke up early and went to church. Camden was a little ham in there, smiling and waving and saying 'hi' to anyone that glanced his way. It was adorable. He played well with his friends and actually cried when we left. I guess it's safe to say he enjoys his time there!

This coming week is our LAST WEEK for Swim lessons! Camden will no longer be a Diaper Dolphin! When we told him that swim was almost over he was SUPER disappointed. And Mommy couldn't take the disappointment so she called and enrolled him in the next class, Flippers. It will last eight weeks and will take us to mid-May, aka right around pool opening time at my in-laws. Camden is going to LOOOVE having the pool uncovered. I wonder if he even realizes that's what is under there? It's going to be such a fun summer for him. Like I always say, some of my best memories when I was younger involve swimming, either here in town at our pool we were members of, or at my grandparents house!

Not much else to report on this front. The birthday cake Oreo's are addictingly delicious and for that reason I must make it to the gym AT LEAST three evenings this week. It's in writing, so it better hold me accountable!

Happy Monday folks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo Challenge: From Above

I interpreted this challenge a little different than most. It seems most people took a picture from high up looking down on their subject. I chose a photo of my subject looking from above, over a fence to the neighbors' dogs while mimicking them with an adorable 'woo woo'. One of his favorite things it checking out what is making that noise on the other side of the fence. He is so observant now, always hearing the dogs as soon as we step out the back door and 'woo'fing back at them. Even though peeking over the fence sends most dogs into a tizzy, he finds it fascinating to watch. Thank goodness for Daddy that can help provide the view!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


....Or something like it.

Camden went to daycare on Monday happy as a clam. We had a fantastic weekend and he was a ton of fun to be around. I was surprised when I got a phone call at 2:30 telling me he had a fever. It was below the threshold that he wouldn't be able to come back the next day, so I snagged him early before there was any increase so he could go back Tuesday.

We spent Monday afternoon playing hardcore. We played with bubbles at my parents house and even Uncle Ryan came to the park to show off his swinging skills and to make Camden laugh. He had a blast, and hardly even stopped to eat. Once we got home he even followed Husband around outside, keeping himself busy. I managed to peel him away for an early bath and get him to bed semi-early, around 645.

He slept fantastic and woke up in the morning fever free. Score! So off to school we went. By the time I dropped him off at school I noticed that his forehead was super warm again. So I stuck my finger in to check his gums for the one thousandth time and what did I feel? Not one pokey spot on the top, but two! One on each side. I couldn't believe it. So finally things were making sense! I told his teacher at school that this might be a big explanation, she agreed cause he was playing fine/eating fine. I was still completely in shock, because he's never had a problem with a fever when teething.

Again, Tuesday early afternoon and my phone rings. Ugh. Guess what? Little Man has another fever. They had monitored it all day, and it was low grade until after nap. Thirty minutes after nap he was burning up - they got a reading of 102.7. So - he got officially booted until he could return fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing meds. Boooooo.

I called the pediatrician and they gave me different options. Wait it out and see, bring him in to be checked. Basically, co-pay now or later? I was all about getting him checked out now, just in case. When we got there - fever registered as low grade, only 99. Everything checked out okay, nothing in his chest and everything appeared all right, despite the copious amounts of snot that was causing labored breathing for the little guy. (Hey - it's hard to breathe out of your mouth all the time!) They did RSV and Flu tests and said they'd call. Well, they never called. Assuming no news is good news - we are now officially stuck at home with a fever.


It appears that until those teeth break through, and his fever actually leaves; THEN he can go back to school. Ay yi yi.

Come on molars! I am officially a molar cheerleader now. :) Anyone else have problems with fever and teething? Here's hoping it doesn't take too long to work those bad boys through. Until then - it looks like Hubs and I will be taking time off at home with little man until we are allowed back!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Progress Report

This past weekend was semi-uneventful at our house. And uneventful is good! We had no real plans but to work on Camden's playhouse, go to church, get the boys haircuts and to hang out. I love weekends like that!

Boys got all trimmed up and the playhouse go some walls/windows and trim pieces put up. It won't be long before it is finished completely. Hopefully it will get shingles this weekend and we will be close to finishing up the playhouse part. He's pretty darn cute playing in it - and it is a decent size. I can already picture him camping out in there during the summer. It really is that awesome!

Here are a few updated pictures:

Fun, huh? Excited for it to be finished. Hopefully it'll get shingles soon, and then the carpet will go in!

And here's some pics of my little man playing with bubbles while all the building is going on...

Isn't he cute? Just want to kiss those chubby cheeks.

Pearl might have loved the bubbles more...

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Progress as Promised!

Project Number One made some good progress this weekend! It took a while to lay it out and decide the best arrangement. In the end, we went with this arrangement. It still needs tweaking, I think we are going to blow up the one 4x6 of the metalwork of the bridge into a 5x7 and put in the same spot, and we will be good to go.

Not too bad though for our little Australia collage, no?!?

Playhouse updates coming soon.

Friday, March 2, 2012


What a serious and stressful title, eh? Just reading the word 'discipline' makes my head spin. It's never something one wants to think about, really. And lawwwwd, it's NO fun.

But due to a few temper tantrums that lately were not redirectable, and some no-no's that didn't have the slightest effect on my high speed toddler, I was forced to really think about it.

I downloaded some books to the iPad to read about discipline. I really REALLY loved "Don't Make me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. It really helped me to realize how important it is to process yes and no's with little ones so they can learn to grow into well-behaved children, and in the process teach the parents how to raise them up using biblical instruction. The only problem? Camden isn't at the age where he can process with me about right and wrong. I can tell him right and wrong but odds aren't he won't fully understand my words and meaning.

I did a lot of praying about how to approach certain situations that my rambunctious toddler has put me in, and I finally put my foot down and started disciplining for certain no-no's that just weren't sinking in.


It was hard. But....

SO worth it.

After getting his 'reprimand' from me, he would then start to cry. I would put him facing the corner and tell him he could get up when he stopped crying. He would usually not be facing me during this whole time, but I would be right behind him waiting for his adorable tears to stop. It usually didn't take long for him to stop crying and turn around.

And when he turned around, I was there waiting with outstretched arms. And the hugging would commence. By that time he was done crying and just wanted to hug. So I'd hug him and remind him that what he did was wrong, and to please not do it again.

So far, all the things he has gotten in trouble with me, he has not repeated just yet. I'm not saying I don't expect him to need reminders or to slip, but I am thinking this new style of discipline is definitely sticking with him better.

So as hard as it is? It's worth it. He's got to learn sooner or later right from wrong, and establishing that NOW seems like the best idea. After all, I am his parent and it is my job to give him the right tools to grow into a respectful adult. That's my responsibility. So, as hard as it was to do, it was the right thing to do.

But for the record, I am looking forward to when we can further process things, like in the book. I didn't even completely finish the book yet I recommend it with a full five stars. It really gets insight how to get to the hearts of our children.

So discipline. In the end, it sounds harsher than it sounds. After all, it is necessary!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oscar 2012: Best and Worst Dressed

Jessica Chastain. I LOVE this look.
I have yet to see The Help, so I don't even know what part this actress played, but she look stunning. I think combined with the tone of her hair, she just looks like a goddess. Smooth.

Penelope Cruz.
Gorgeous. I love this off the shoulder dress. She looks great!

Okay Angelina Jolie.
I like your dress and your impeccably small waist. But what is with this stance? That can't feel natural. To kick your leg out like that? Odd. I mean, with legs like that she can do whatever she wants. Buuuuuut... "I like your pose" said nobody ever.

My overall favorite best dressed? Gwyneth.

This girl has got it figured out. And she proves that not only the bride gets to wear white! She looked absolutely stunning and it was by far my favorite look of the night. Classy. And I just love her anyway!

Now for the worst dressed.

Ellie Kemper. Those bangs are NOT doing a thing for her. And did she dye her hair to color coordinate with her dress? And what is that dress made of? It looks like a firecracker exploded. There's just too much red.

Ode to a sailor. Or something. I don't even know what's going on here. It looks like sailor's cuffs across her chest. Unflattering. Who does that? She looks incredibly flat chested because of it. Sad.

Catwoman? Is that you? Oh wait. That's Ana Faris. Who does that? She looks like she belongs in Sturgis with all that pleather looking stuff. So unfortunate.

And that's my Oscar fashion summary.