Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lately we've been having issues with Pearl and her soreness. I've mentioned before that she's really starting to show her age. It's really a bummer. She got a in a fight with the devil (AKA my parents dog) and she's just getting too old for that. Since then she's been gimping around, acting like it hurts to jump. Then she will get overly excited when we are blowing bubbles for Camden, and forget she is sore and jump and chase after them. And before we know it, she will literally be limping away with a foot in the air.

I've done some research on glucosamine and joints in dogs. It appears that it can be very beneficial, so I think I may be taking the plunge in an attempt to relieve my little pup. It seems like a good idea, especially with swimming season coming up! Just another investment in the silly girl! She is so incredibly worth it though.

A new place opened up in town called Pinot's Palette. I am dying to go. I have work friends who have already attended, and I want to test it out. All the paintings I would like to make, something seems to be planned that night. I do love the tulips though! Soon, mark my words.

My birthday is coming up soon. So that's fun! Not a whole lot changes with this year except I will have to push the up arrow one more time on the ellipticals at the gym. Blah.

I am looking into investing in a new phone cover that my friend Tiffany told me about. She says that her cousin has taken it scuba diving and at the display in Best Buy a phone is shown IN the case IN A FISH TANK. Underwater. SO, I guess it works? It might not be a bad investment. Camden keeps trying to teeth on my phone cover.

I made a red velvet cake ball the other day. It was so delightful. And so bad for my hips.

I had a horrible nights sleep the other night. I had the same dream I always have when someone is chasing me. I swear, its the exact same thing. And I always wake up enough but how come I can't seem to change the outcome? It's annoying, really.

Speaking of not sleeping, I have owned the Hunger Games book for over a YEAR and A HALF and still haven't cracked it open. In fact, I bought it before Camden was born. I've never had a book sit around that long that I haven't put to good use and devoured it. What am I waiting on? I don't know. It better not be scary, or else things will chase me and I won't sleep. I hope to start it soon.

I'm watching an Ellen with Kristin Chenoweth and she's hilarious. Besides that the thing she is getting to catch on where she does the Dance Dares? Where they dance hardcore behind someone while others are videotaping? It's hilarious. I LOVE watching. How do people see that and keep a straight face? Hilarious.

I have played so much Draw Something that I swear I think I have seen most all of the words. I can't tell you how many times I have drawn Florida, Teeth, Chainsaw or they want me to draw Katniss. Come on Draw Something, get creative here!

I spent most of the other day doing some spring cleaning. It was hardcore. I'm talking steam mopping, scrubbing baseboards and vacuuming crevices. I think the washer and dryer ran non stop. We put away most of Camden's winter clothes, and all the clothes that were too small before deep cleaning his room. I'm still slightly in denial about the fact that I need to start buying my little guy 24M shirts - or 2T. That sounds SO big!! The house looks good though. On top of deep spring cleaning, Chris washed both cars and I clipped and bathed the dog. If I'm gonna clean the whole house, I might as well scrub the dog too, right??

I am dying to shop for some new something. It's been a while since I have gotten some new clothes and with the change of season it has made me want a few new shirts. But? Going to look for them sounds like too much work and unappealing. And I'm so cheap anymore, I won't shop without a coupon. Therefore? I wait. And continue to look for adorable things for Camden. He's much for fun to shop for anyway, his clothes almost always fit him the way I want them to! With the change of season, I've been looking at putting flip flops on him. I have bought two different pairs, but homeboy will NOT let me put anything in between his toes. Maybe I just haven't found the right pair? A pair that won't put so much fabric between his toes? Who knows.

Speaking of change of season, I can't get over how fast this year has seemed to have flown by. Do you realize that it is almost APRIL? How on earth is it Spring already? Didn't we JUST have Christmas? Time seems to go so much faster when you have a little kid that is growing by leaps and bounds. Really puts things in perspective!

That's all the random I have for now. Have a lovely day!

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