Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I caved...

and have been on a shoe kick lately. Camden has been on the receiving end, as he got two pair.

The first was a pair of Keens. After attempting flip flops with no such luck, I saw my friend Tessa had Keens on her boys in a picture on her blog. Naturally, I loved the look and I know that my Mom LOVES hers. And since I am giving up on the flip flop idea I decided it was a good choice. I looked at Carter's previously and at Target and both their sandals? Eh, not super impressive. Carters shoes were harder and just as expensive. 39 bucks and there was no give on the sole. I looked online at the Keens and they were cute, and well put together. I called stores ALL OVER TOWN and finally found a store that carried toddler sizes. Yes!

We went in and they had one pair of size 5 toddlers open toed Keens on clearance. We tried them on and they fit. They were much softer and had quite a bit of give/cushion. Guess who brought those home? They are adorable.

His shoes look something like that, but are navy(er). We got a good deal on them, and they are squishy soft, so I like that. Also? He doesn't try to take them off as often. Maybe sandals were the right thing since his feet always get so hot!

The other pair of shoes he has that should be arriving Thursday are his Toms. Daddy really liked the orange soles of these Toms and agreed that he needed these. In fact, these were picked out by Chris. Then I checked retail me not, found a discount code for five bucks off. SCORE! Now, if I could just talk him into the burlap TOMS for my birthday...

Happy shoeing friends!


  1. I have two pairs of keens, and I LOVE THEM! Camden will love his too! I do still need a pair of Toms though. I'm like the last person alive who doesn't own a pair!

  2. I'm glad that you found some!!! So cute. Both of my kids love theirs. I'm with you and have spent way too much on kids shoes this month and not for me. 2 Keens, 2 Sanuks.