Thursday, March 22, 2012

19 Months!

Happy 19 months!! 24 months is closing in on us, little one! You are officially closer to two than one. You are a busy body, that's for sure. You are getting toddler and looking more "little boyish" than ever. Mommy gave you a haircut a couple weeks ago and each time you get a haircut, you just look so grown up!

{look at those lashes!}

You are still wearing a size 5 shoe that is pretty big on you, size five diapers and size 18 month tops and pants. We can put 2T on you, but they are a little big and definitely too long.

This month has been a little rough for you. And by that I mean you are cutting your molars and it's rough on everyone. Your sleep has been disrupted and you are a drooly mess that spends most of the day with your fist in your mouth. Unfortunately for everyone, you are only cutting your top two. I imagine we will go through this AGAIN with the bottoms. You ran a fever for a few days, at one point you got kicked out of daycare for your fever. I promptly took you to the doctor to get completely checked out and all flu/RSV came back negative. Of course, as soon as the doctor saw you his remark was, "I see he's still bow legged". Yup! sounds about right. We are still monitoring it, like we were told to do. Hopefully you grow out of it as you get taller!

This month you graduated from Diaper Dolphins, your first round of swim lessons. You LOVED it. I can't believe some of the stuff they have you do. I think you are just the perfect age for it and I hope this continues on to having some good swim habits. The other little girl in the class with us was not a fan of going under water. She would see you go under and then she'd say "no no no" when it was her turn. I almost feel bad for flaunting your skills, but you have so much fun there! I let you go under as often as you want, and you don't seem to mind it. They bring out the slides and you get all excited, asking for 'more more'. The last day they taught you a new skill that is practiced in the class a level up. I was so surprised you could do it. They have me hold you, facing away from me, and I am to ask you "where's Mommy" before dropping you under water. And while you are under you are supposed to turn around and then I pull you out and exclaim, "you found me!". You picked it up really fast and it didn't seem to faze you one bit. The progress you have made is partly why we decided to continue on for one more session!

The playhouse Daddy is building for you in the backyard is coming along. You already LOVE it. You open the windows, open and shut the door, and you love the swing. You love being outside and this weather has just been gorgeous to play outside.

{I think you learned the holding a screw in your mouth from Daddy. You have also enjoyed teething on them}

The biggest development this month happened a week ago today. You had been waking up pretty regularly because of your teeth. Early Thursday morning was no different. As I hear you crying I wonder if maybe it's becoming a habit so I let you fuss a little longer to see if you will settle. Things did get quiet, so I went back to sleep. Next thing I know there is a pat-pat-pat of little feet running down the hall. In my disbelief I smacked your Daddy's arm, and he startled and must have thought there was an intruder. We put you back to bed where you fussed for a while. Again it got quiet. I bolted out of bed to find you dangling over the edge of your crib about to drop. You are such a little turkey. I ended up holding you until you got sleepy and then we had no further problems that night. We have had to watch you closely though at naptime and bedtime. To say Mommy is sleeping HORRIBLY because she's paranoid would be an understatement. I probably get up 3 or 4 times and peer through the crack in your door to see if you are stirring. Apparently the extra padding underneath your crib in case you bail out again doesn't do enough to settle Mommy's nerves.

You are talking more and more but it is still a slow process. You are especially keen on those B words. You comprehend so much though, and that's the important part. You can point out all of your body parts, you can follow directions to do certain things, (but still have problems with the NOT doing certain You have picked up saying "nigh nigh, nice, go outside, baby (which also means bunny) and ish (fish), circle, bite, red, blue and bee bee (which I am pretty sure is code for iPad)". You are quick to point out anything that might be a 'ball', to point at birds, helicopters, planes and motorcycles. You mimic dogs when you hear them, still with a 'who who'. You are getting pretty good at recognizing shapes that match and love to play the games involving these on the iPad. You love to tell people and things "hi" and "bye". You could spend all day going in and out of your playhouse, saying these things and knocking on your door.

You have had an obsession with taking off and attempting to put on shoes. You are GREAT at taking shoes off, but the putting on still needs some work. I think you are driving your teachers at school nuts because they can't keep shoes on you! Apparently it's multiple times a day.

Camden, you continue to amaze us daily with your personality, your intelligence and your adorable smile. Your Daddy and I will be playing with you in the evenings and you'll do something new, or stand up and flash us a big grin. That's when we have to completely stop what we are doing and point out to the other person just how incredibly big you have gotten. You keep us on our toes and you keep us busy, but we couldn't imagine life any other way!

Love you to the moon and back!

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