Friday, March 2, 2012


What a serious and stressful title, eh? Just reading the word 'discipline' makes my head spin. It's never something one wants to think about, really. And lawwwwd, it's NO fun.

But due to a few temper tantrums that lately were not redirectable, and some no-no's that didn't have the slightest effect on my high speed toddler, I was forced to really think about it.

I downloaded some books to the iPad to read about discipline. I really REALLY loved "Don't Make me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. It really helped me to realize how important it is to process yes and no's with little ones so they can learn to grow into well-behaved children, and in the process teach the parents how to raise them up using biblical instruction. The only problem? Camden isn't at the age where he can process with me about right and wrong. I can tell him right and wrong but odds aren't he won't fully understand my words and meaning.

I did a lot of praying about how to approach certain situations that my rambunctious toddler has put me in, and I finally put my foot down and started disciplining for certain no-no's that just weren't sinking in.


It was hard. But....

SO worth it.

After getting his 'reprimand' from me, he would then start to cry. I would put him facing the corner and tell him he could get up when he stopped crying. He would usually not be facing me during this whole time, but I would be right behind him waiting for his adorable tears to stop. It usually didn't take long for him to stop crying and turn around.

And when he turned around, I was there waiting with outstretched arms. And the hugging would commence. By that time he was done crying and just wanted to hug. So I'd hug him and remind him that what he did was wrong, and to please not do it again.

So far, all the things he has gotten in trouble with me, he has not repeated just yet. I'm not saying I don't expect him to need reminders or to slip, but I am thinking this new style of discipline is definitely sticking with him better.

So as hard as it is? It's worth it. He's got to learn sooner or later right from wrong, and establishing that NOW seems like the best idea. After all, I am his parent and it is my job to give him the right tools to grow into a respectful adult. That's my responsibility. So, as hard as it was to do, it was the right thing to do.

But for the record, I am looking forward to when we can further process things, like in the book. I didn't even completely finish the book yet I recommend it with a full five stars. It really gets insight how to get to the hearts of our children.

So discipline. In the end, it sounds harsher than it sounds. After all, it is necessary!

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