Monday, March 5, 2012

Progress Report

This past weekend was semi-uneventful at our house. And uneventful is good! We had no real plans but to work on Camden's playhouse, go to church, get the boys haircuts and to hang out. I love weekends like that!

Boys got all trimmed up and the playhouse go some walls/windows and trim pieces put up. It won't be long before it is finished completely. Hopefully it will get shingles this weekend and we will be close to finishing up the playhouse part. He's pretty darn cute playing in it - and it is a decent size. I can already picture him camping out in there during the summer. It really is that awesome!

Here are a few updated pictures:

Fun, huh? Excited for it to be finished. Hopefully it'll get shingles soon, and then the carpet will go in!

And here's some pics of my little man playing with bubbles while all the building is going on...

Isn't he cute? Just want to kiss those chubby cheeks.

Pearl might have loved the bubbles more...

Have a lovely day!

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