Friday, February 22, 2013

2.5 or 30 months

How is it possible that you are halfway to THREE?? Talk about mind blowing. You are SO big now!

You got a haircut not too long ago, and that short hair made you look COMPLETELY grown up. You just seemed to grow an inch with that haircut, looking taller and thinner. You are talking so much, you are so big! You are now 28 lbs, walking and talking and learning every day.

You are learning more and more about self time outs. You are pretty good at throwing fits, but we are able to tell you to go to your room and not come out until you are calm. You usually will walk into your room, shut the door behind yourself, cry and then come out with a better attitude. You tend to spend less time in there at night because it's dark. ;) You are having trouble learning to control your frustrations and understanding what we mean when we say "if you obey and do this, you get this". We know you don't understand that reasoning, or that by obeying things will just be easier in the end. But if we keep at it, hopefully one day it will click.

You are right on track clothes wise - you are wearing size five diapers, size 5.5 to 6 shoe, and wearing 2T clothes and pants. You can still fit into some smaller 24 month things. Depite only wearing a 2T - you are still just seem like you are enormous. We walked into your room to wake you up a few weeks ago and we both stared in awe at how much space you took up in your toddler bed. You are so tall and long, it is just amazing. (since I wrote that, you have transitioned to your "new" room, and love your new queen sized big boy bed! The plus side about a bed so big is that you look small again!)
You normally go to bed around 815 and we wake you up on weekdays around 545 and nap 2 hours a day. On the weekends you will go to bed later and sleep in, but it's still not much more than the 9-10 hours. You will, however, take a three hour nap on the weekends if we let you.

You are pretty good about going on the potty when we put you up there. You go in the mornings and in the evenings before bed and on the weekends before and after nap. You still don't really tell us when you need to go, or when you need to be changed. We are still working on that but haven't decided to push you on it just yet. You will go sometimes at school and lately your Grandpa will promise you treats after school if you go on the potty during the day.  You are pretty cute when you have success on the potty, you will sit there and clap your hands and excitedly cheer for yourself saying "Yay! I did it!".

Oh eating, eating. You are SUCH a picky eater. You must get this from your picky eating father. If you had it your way, you would still eat just baby food. In fact, more often than not when you refuse the food we are eating we offer you a pouch and you will gobble it down. At least you are still getting your fruits and veggies, but boy do you have to be so darn picky?! You will eat fruits without an issue but seem to still have texture issues. Things that you loved previously you aren't as much of a fan now. Like mashed potatoes, or beans, noodles or even corn. That used to be all we could get you to eat, now you quickly turn up your nose. You will eat almost any and every option of pouches. Whatever keeps your little belly full! Your favorite snacks are Mommy's cheerios - peanut butter and strawberry yogurt burst, chips and puffs. You are still a big fan of strawberries - fresh or freeze dried, and could probably eat those for every meal. We have decided this year to grow extra strawberries in our garden because last year they never even made it inside before you would gobble them down.

You love to play hide and seek, chase your daddy in circles around the house and read books. You are addicted to Mickey Mouse and Bubble Guppies. You enjoy playing outside in your playhouse and your Daddy just added a chalkboard inside that you love to draw on.
You LOVE to count and are exceptionally good at it. You can count to fifteen and sometimes higher. You recognize numbers and can match them to the amount - (like if there are five balloons you can pick the number 5 that goes with it). You have your own tape measure that Daddy bought you after you loved your 2 dollar toy one from Toys R Us this Christmas. You carry it around and you and Daddy count on it all the time. We are still working on letters and your ABC's, but we are making quite a bit of progress, You can now recognize a good 15 of them or so. You are also really good at shapes and naming them. When we ask you to draw them you usually draw a pretty impressive line. ;)
You are so cute these days, following directions. Your Daddy will tell you to go find me and tell me something. Half the time you won't remember what you are supposed to say and will get distracted by what I am doing - like collecting hangers to go back to the laundry room. But on Valentine's Day before we left the house, you ran to tell me "Happy Valentine's Day!" And it was just precious. Just heart melting. And what was so cute was that you ran it so close together it was hard to understand, and I asked you to repeat it and it was a no go as you ran back off to find your Daddy.
Your manners are one of the sweetest things about you. We will get you more of something and you will say "Thank you Mommy" or "Thank you Daddy" and it's just adorable. We love that you are getting so good at these, and you are even able to be semi pleasant when you DON'T get your way. You'll ask for something 'please' and then if the answer is 'no' or 'in a minute', you'll answer in your sweet little voice "oooohhhhhhkaayyy" and take it as it is. I wish this was the case all the time, but it sure isn't. You're still learning little one! When you don't get your way, you will hunch over at your shoulders, slump your entire body posture, let your arms hang and proceed to whimper like a puppy. Come to think of it, this is something I need to get on video! ;)

You had your first trip to the Aquarium and you loved it. You touched sting rays and saw all kinds of cool fish. You had a blast, and we were so lucky to get to go for free with our cousins!

You also got to meet your newest cousin, and you were just so sweet with her. It makes me so excited to get a glimpse of the kind of big brother you will be!

We get so much out of watching you grow and learn each day. It's hard to put into words just how much you mean to us, but you are the light of our lives little boy, and we can't wait for what is to come!

Love you to the moon and back!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines for class

Camden had his Valentine's party the other day at school. He has been singing his RED song so much that some times he won't sleep that he's so busy singing! It's cute.

The party at school was all red themed, eating things like strawberries, apples, and even pepperonis.

I made Valentines this year that were not candy related, they were little bottles of bubbles for his classmates.

Then for his teachers I bought boxes of brownies and some spatulas and tied them up with twine and a cute little card that said "shooting for brownie points".

It wasn't too much work to make, and they turned out pretty cute. I bought these bubbles on clearance at the end of summer last year, that's how long I have been planning to do these valentines for his classmates!! Glad I was finally able to put it to use. Now, I suppose it's time to start planning for next year!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Clearing things up..

I posted this photo on fb a few weeks ago. We found out early, at 15 weeks. We announced the gender, but haven't worked on names. Chris wanted to be sure it was a boy. Apparently 99% sure and "pick out boy names" wasn't enough reassurance. So, I went to the doctor today to make sure the testicles hasn't suddenly sucked up and turned into a vagina.

Well good news, I had an appointment this week and it was in fact confirmed that its another boy! Everything looked good, so that's great as well. Bring on the sports and construction sites!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2 Random Aquarium Pictures

I took these pictures when we went to the Aquarium a few weeks ago. I just thought they were really pretty. It was a really neat place! Had to share.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

I might have to stay off Facebook today because its extra annoying on this holiday. People posting pictures of unnecessary things, bears, flowers and candy. Yeah that's great, but shouldn't you show that love year 'round? Not only that but I am incredibly thankful for my Savior who loves me enough to send his son to die for my sins. Now THAT is incredible.

So, speaking of holiday gifts, what might I want? For me? I want my husband to do the dishes or mate his socks. Just simple stuff like that means more to me than flowers that will die or chocolate that will make me fat. Those things that aren't material tend to mean the most!

Enough of that. I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow, so here a picture of me and two of my three valentines!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

End of Week Randoms

-Chick-Fil-A has done some work to make amends regarding their mishap earlier this week. Apparently it is a nationwide event at all ChickFilAs, and it is supposed to start at 6:30 AM. So - for those keeping score...I was right. They were wrong, they gave coupons. Good thing, because I normally LOVE ChickFilA I would hate to not visit out of frustrations.

-C got in a fight at school. Okay, so that sounds dramatic. But he's 2 and is still learning, but he was riding a bike, got off of said bike and then when another friend got on he decided he wanted it back and picked a fight. Silly kid. He even did so good that morning, sharing his puzzle with his friend, Tucker. He was so cute announcing, "I share with Tucker". Sigh. Silly boy. :)

-Besides the fight, kid has been really doing well at school. For three out of four days in one week I got compliments each day about what a good kid he is, how he has good manners and how he is really smart. Those compliments can mean the world to a Mama and really help to build me up. They told me that they think he is very advanced, he knows his shapes and colors and numbers really well and is still learning his letters. They said he is good at apologizing and obeying and that when he wants to disagree they ask him if he is obeying, and that's usually when he will perk up and say "ohhhhkay" and then do what they ask. They said he's really pretty agreeable and that they can tell I try and raise him with manners. It made my little Mommy heart swell, that's for sure. If one thing I learned from this week is that give compliments to other Moms, it just might make their day. Or their week.

-I did so good last week and made it to the gym FIVE times. That might be a record! This week is not shaping up quite as awesome. Hopefully I get in three. It's super hard though when I work that weekend. Also, my appetite is stil insane. I am so hungry, but I don't want to gain as much as I did with C 1.0, and I really don't want to waddle at my besties wedding. Oye!

-I started a FB page for my photography. Basically I wanted somewhere to put all of my pictures to showcase what I have done. Then people can look at it and decide if I'm worthy of some side jobs taking pics. Hopefully come springtime I'll get a few gigs to help save for baby stuff and pay for my lens. I really do enjoy taking pictures and enjoy providing them for people! Sometimes I just feel pressured, worried that I won't get the shots. It makes me nervous. But then time and time again, I do pretty darn good! I'm still learning, and really excited for what's to come. In the end, I need to recognize that I'm continually learning and growing!

-I'm definitely feeling Baby C 2.0 now. Just little tiny shifting in my belly for now. I was for sure at about 18 weeks that is what I was feeling. Kinda feels like popcorn. I remember that these are the pleasant movements - its later on when it's in your ribs and you can't breathe that you're thinking "whoa"!

And that's all the randomness for now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Curse of the Hormones

Husband and I were putting Camden to bed the other night and little C was having issues with wanting to lay down. We were trying to get him covered, to say our prayers and to get our evening kisses. Of course, Pearl decided she needed to be on the bed, and things got all discombobulated so to be sure that C knew it was bedtime Husband had me to turn off the light while we finish tucking him in.

Next thing I knew, I forgot to get my goodnight kiss. Oh well, I thought. I'll get some more in the morning. We leave and start making our lunches for the next day.

But then Camden is fussing in his room, Husband goes in to settle him and he comes back and tells me "He wanted a kiss".

And then I can feel the hormone surge, but can't do anything about it.

Before I know it I'm standing in the kitchen making the next days peanut butter and jelly sandwich crying through tears about how "he doens't even need me". My husband, not realizing I'm tearing up, adds salt to the wound by shrugging and saying "He's a Daddy's boy". Before I know it tears are falling and I'm wailing out loud about how "he doesn't need me anymore". Husband turns around shocked, looks at me incredulously and asks "are you crying?" and then busts out laughing.

I realize how ridiculous the tears are and what it's over, but I can't make it stop. I continue to cry and pout and say "too bad 2.0 isn't a girl cause then I would have someone need me", which after it leaves my mouth I realize how utterly ridiculous I sound. Really, Courtney?

Before I know it, I'm laughing so hard I can't see through my tears and I have to take a bathroom break. Husband is still loudly cackling in the kitchen at me, and when I return he reminds me that "they will always need you". He then lovingly points out that he feels like he "always went to my mom more" and that everything will be okay - all while sneaking in one last snicker to make me want to punch him in the arm.

Curse the horomones.


I go to bed on Monday night knowing that the local Chick Fil A's are having free breakfast Tuesdays in the month of February. I look at the picture I have of the banner that has the dates and the line up of free food, as well as the times, 6:30 to 10AM. Perfect, I think to myself. If we get out of the house early we can stop by and get a free breakfast and I can be just a few minutes late to work. I set my alarm earlier than normal.

When the next morning comes I bust through my routine with ChickFilA on my mind, knowing that timing is everything to be able to stop and get breakfast at 630, drop off the dog and then C to daycare and then to get clocked in on time. We arrived at ChickFilA at 6:32 after a bit of a morning to get little C out of the door on time. I realized it had to be today or never, because today was a free kid-friendly breakfast; it was chicken minis whereas the other weeks are chicken biscuits or things that he wouldn't really have any interest in.

I pull up and the parking lot is incredibly full for being two minutes after opening. I get up to the drive through and ask the girl about the free breakfast. She states "Oh, that doesn't start at this location until 7AM".

Wait, what?!?

I knew I had a picture of the sign for THAT location. I contemplate ordering anyway, but look at the line of cars in the drive through that are 4 deep and realize I have no other choice but to drive off and leave, as I can still make it to work on time if I hustle.

Camden starts fussing in the backseat as we leave, "I wanna go back" and crying about wanting to play. That's when I start to tear up, I'm thinking "I promised my kid something and couldn't deliver" and "they lied to me".

Ridiculousness - I know, but I was frustrated. I busted my rear to get my 2.5 year old kid and I ready so that we could do this and they completely deflated my bubble.

I have Husband check to make sure I was in fact at the right ChickFilA. He's gets on the website and says that even the website says 630-10 at the particular location I was at. This of course, frustrates me more, but there's nothing I can do about it at this point.

Again...another run in with the hormones. At least Husband wasn't around this time to make fun of me! I hadn't noticed a big issue with hormones until these two recent incidents. Pregnancy hormones make it that much easier to cry, that's for sure!

*And note to self, double check Chick Fil A's advertising, as they apparently can be contradictory. Who knew?? I felt that was very out of character for them!