Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines for class

Camden had his Valentine's party the other day at school. He has been singing his RED song so much that some times he won't sleep that he's so busy singing! It's cute.

The party at school was all red themed, eating things like strawberries, apples, and even pepperonis.

I made Valentines this year that were not candy related, they were little bottles of bubbles for his classmates.

Then for his teachers I bought boxes of brownies and some spatulas and tied them up with twine and a cute little card that said "shooting for brownie points".

It wasn't too much work to make, and they turned out pretty cute. I bought these bubbles on clearance at the end of summer last year, that's how long I have been planning to do these valentines for his classmates!! Glad I was finally able to put it to use. Now, I suppose it's time to start planning for next year!

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  1. I LOVE the teacher gift!! I saw the cutest valentine this year that said "Will you be my main squeeze?" it was tied around an applesauce pouch!