Saturday, February 9, 2013

End of Week Randoms

-Chick-Fil-A has done some work to make amends regarding their mishap earlier this week. Apparently it is a nationwide event at all ChickFilAs, and it is supposed to start at 6:30 AM. So - for those keeping score...I was right. They were wrong, they gave coupons. Good thing, because I normally LOVE ChickFilA I would hate to not visit out of frustrations.

-C got in a fight at school. Okay, so that sounds dramatic. But he's 2 and is still learning, but he was riding a bike, got off of said bike and then when another friend got on he decided he wanted it back and picked a fight. Silly kid. He even did so good that morning, sharing his puzzle with his friend, Tucker. He was so cute announcing, "I share with Tucker". Sigh. Silly boy. :)

-Besides the fight, kid has been really doing well at school. For three out of four days in one week I got compliments each day about what a good kid he is, how he has good manners and how he is really smart. Those compliments can mean the world to a Mama and really help to build me up. They told me that they think he is very advanced, he knows his shapes and colors and numbers really well and is still learning his letters. They said he is good at apologizing and obeying and that when he wants to disagree they ask him if he is obeying, and that's usually when he will perk up and say "ohhhhkay" and then do what they ask. They said he's really pretty agreeable and that they can tell I try and raise him with manners. It made my little Mommy heart swell, that's for sure. If one thing I learned from this week is that give compliments to other Moms, it just might make their day. Or their week.

-I did so good last week and made it to the gym FIVE times. That might be a record! This week is not shaping up quite as awesome. Hopefully I get in three. It's super hard though when I work that weekend. Also, my appetite is stil insane. I am so hungry, but I don't want to gain as much as I did with C 1.0, and I really don't want to waddle at my besties wedding. Oye!

-I started a FB page for my photography. Basically I wanted somewhere to put all of my pictures to showcase what I have done. Then people can look at it and decide if I'm worthy of some side jobs taking pics. Hopefully come springtime I'll get a few gigs to help save for baby stuff and pay for my lens. I really do enjoy taking pictures and enjoy providing them for people! Sometimes I just feel pressured, worried that I won't get the shots. It makes me nervous. But then time and time again, I do pretty darn good! I'm still learning, and really excited for what's to come. In the end, I need to recognize that I'm continually learning and growing!

-I'm definitely feeling Baby C 2.0 now. Just little tiny shifting in my belly for now. I was for sure at about 18 weeks that is what I was feeling. Kinda feels like popcorn. I remember that these are the pleasant movements - its later on when it's in your ribs and you can't breathe that you're thinking "whoa"!

And that's all the randomness for now. Have a great day!


  1. I'm so glad CFA made things right! I tweeted them your blog and never got an answer so it makes me happy that you got something for the trouble they caused.

    1. They promised me coupons in the mail, yet I haven't gotten a thing yet. :/