Friday, July 30, 2010

36 weeks

Went to the doctor for my weekly check on Wednesday. Baby C's heart rate is good, 144bpm. He is measuring right up to my rib cage, which I have already been noticing, he tends to get them stuck up there and it can be quite painful when trying to sleep. I just can't seem to stretch out enough to get him out of there! Everything looks good and he said I shouldn't have a problem working up until my due date. Other than that, no progress. Baby C is camping out up there having a good ol' time.

How far along? 36 weeks (and two days, but who is counting??)

Maternity clothes?: Yup. Also, I am digging the oversize shirts that I change into as soon as I get home from work.

Sleep: Horrible. Waking up with heartburn, to pee, or to try and stretch out from those feet stuck in my ribs.

Nothing out of the norm.

Best moment this week: Having my final shower with family and friends. They really spoiled me, and it was so much fun!

Movement: He rolls around in there quite a bit.

Gender: All boy.

Labor Signs: None that I can tell. Not even any Braxton Hicks.

Belly Button in or out? Barely in, but pointing out enough at the top that people think it has "popped".

What I miss: Walking normal. Non-heartburn days. Days when I used to NOT get stared at all the time.

Weekly Wisdom: Always, always, always have zantac on hand! And be prepared for the "oh! aren't you about to pop!" comments and just about everyone no matter where you are; the gym, doctors' office, grocery store to ask you "when are you due?" and strike up a conversation. :)

Milestones: Weekly doctors appointments! That means we are getting there!!

Favorite Moments: shower thrown by Chris' co-workers, shower thrown by my besties.

So, here is my 35 week picture

and 36 weeks.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Might Be Nearing the End of Your Pregnancy If...

(Copyright MckMama)

…you’re beginning to wish you’d never mocked muumuus.

…all you really wanted for your birthday, besides a banana clip, was a foley catheter

…your stretch marks are getting their own stretch marks

…you’re seriously considering selling one of your kidneys, just so you can get rid of your kidney stone pain.

…you’ve actually priced muumuus out online. Or at least considered it.

…when ordering two cheeseburgers at the drive through, you end with, “And that’ll do it for us,” so that it sounds like more than one person will be eating the burgers. You justify this little falsehood by telling yourself that, technically, that is precisely true.

…you actually know what a muumuu is.

…you have developed superpowers and can now sense when someone is going to ask, “Can’t be much longer, huh?” even before they even ask.

…your ankles have gone missing.

…you ordered a muumuu but used a fake name. If the muumuu gets delivered when one of your hip, skinny, childless friends is over, you can pretend you accidentally got some old, fat, fuddy duddy lady’s order.

…you hear about the friend of a friend who has been in labor for ten hours. And you’re jealous.

…the people at Chipotle know you by name and ask if “you and the babe would like your regular?”

…you find your skinny jeans in the closet, and the sight of the tiny, denim waist makes you throw up in your mouth a little.

…when you heave yourself out of bed at night, you make sounds like a mother walrus giving birth probably makes.

…your frequent need to urinate in the night has you celebrating your sleep milestones as one would for a newborn: “I slept for four hours straight last night! And the night before, I had two back to back three hour stretches!”

…you can’t see your feet. And you don’t even care.

…you can’t remember exactly how many weeks along you are. And you don’t even care. You just know that it’s not enough.

…you can’t remember the last time you took your prenatal vitamin, yet you know precisely when you enjoyed your last bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

…everything you own is too small for you. Including your socks. And your wedding rings, although it’s far too late to take them off. The rings, that is.

…you consider actually popping the next person who tells you that you look “about ready to pop!”

…you’ve contemplated ways to break your own water.

…your underwear looks like your mom’s.

…you can’t wait to hurry up and give birth so that you can fit into your maternity clothes again.

…you go pee, stand up, sit back down and go pee again!

…if you get out of the tub and are truly surprised at how little water was actually in the tub.

…when your husband asks “Babe, can you scoot over a little? I’m about to fall off the bed.” and you answer “So am I!!!!!”

…You have to use the “Hope and Poke” method of putting shoes on, cuz you can’t actually see anything anymore…..

…When looking at the itty bitty sales clerk with the cute little baby bump (and no other fat on her body), you ask her, “Oh, when is your baby due?” When she answers, “Oh, just two more weeks to go… how about you?”… you look at your larger than life 32 week pregnant body and answer, “Oh… I’m 15 months pregnant. Apparently I have the gestation period of a whale. Who knew?” and walk away……

…you’re 38 weeks pregnant with twins (and enormous) and at the grocery store. There’s a guy in the lane next to you with piercings everywhere, a mohawk, and tattoos and everyone around is staring at YOU!

…you’re very pregnant with twins at an OB visit and you just wave the cup around underneath you trying to catch a sample because you have no idea where it is.

…when you start telling your husband that HE can have the next baby.

…you would really like to go to church but the only thing that still fits is a bedsheet and it isn’t Christmas and they aren’t having a dress as Mary contest…

…you’ve never been so thankful to be in this much discomfort, and you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it will be worth it all.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

35 weeks, 35 days to go...

Anyone else notice how hot it is getting out there? And I am growing my very own personal heater. Awesome.

Today I went in for a checkup. Listened to the heartbeat, (strong and loud) and got checked (no progress, no surprise there).

I asked about recommendations on doctors, after getting checked he said "Well it looks like you are going to have plenty of time to decide". :) Which is just fine, I want Baby C to grow strong and healthy before making his appearance! (That's what I have to keep telling myself...I can do it!!)

Due to scheduling conflicts it looks like if he hasn't arrived by August 23rd, I have the option to be induced on the 24th. Or I can wait until the 31st. And I am pretty sure I am down with the 24th, as I don't want to wait around to deliver a 10 pounder. We shall see though, my opinion my change drastically by then.

Looking forward to my last shower this weekend, this one with close friends with a few family members sprinkled in for good measure. Should be fun, I am definitely looking forward to it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

So, lately Pearl has been acting extra mopey around the house and towards me in particular. She greets me when I come home, but is always quick to return back to her bed. I noticed this change in her after I kept bringing home baby shower gifts. I would have gifts with tissue paper still wrapped and she would nose through them all, just hoping with all of her doggie heart that in just *one* of those sacks there would be a toy or a treat for her. Unfortunately, every singing or crinkly sounding baby toy she would find she would get told a firm "no" when attempting to play with it and it seemed to set her back even further. Finally, Husband and I had to resort to buying her a cheap little toy from Target the other day, wrapping it in a sack with tissue paper and allowing her to stick her head in and "find" it. She knew right away that this toy was for her, and proceeded to happily run off to play. She has even been bringing this toy to bed and falling asleep with it!! Little did I know, my poor dog is already dealing with sibling rivalry!

Inspecting diaper cakes...

Searching sacks...

She was SO sure that this adorable rug for baby C to lay on was a life size chew toy for her. It is so soft, I had to kick her off of it!

All of this 'neglect' is just tuckering her out!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Husband's Work Baby Shower

On Friday, July 16th, Husband's work threw us a shower for those who wanted to come. There was a good turnout and the lady at his work who threw the shower was so sweet and so excited. We ordered in pizza and had homemade carrot cake for dessert. So delicious!

This is the diaper cake made by the lady who threw us the shower. So cute!

This is Pearl checking out the diaper cake.

Another picture of all the gifts we recieved! Everything from the diaper genie, head and neck support for the car seat, an adorable bath robe, a grooming set, nursing wrap, burp cloths, recieving blankets and a crib sheet to baby wash and OSU onesies. Again, we are so blessed by our co-workers, it is definitely appreciated! Only a few necessary items remain, and only 40 more days until baby C's arrival!

Shower #2

Tuesday night was my work shower. Abi and Traci threw me an amazing shower and LOTS of co-workers showed up, even Dr. Mac! I was overly showered with presents and they barely all fit in my car! It was held at Senor Tequila's near work, so we ate some yummy mexican food and then opened presents. It was so fun! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures, but Nikki got a few before her camera died. Here are the few she got...

The *adorable* cake.

A close up of the OSU diaper cake!!

Me and Kerri, the creator of the awesome OSU diaper cake!!!

All of the loot. Baby C and I are definitely spoiled!! We got everything from sippy cups, to bottles, to sleep positioners, bibs, towels, a front carrier, rattles, teethers, formula, quilts, baby gym and the giraffe is a cute and very soft little rug for baby to lay on. So excited for baby C to arrive and use it all!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Most of the time. I still have a few yoga pants I can wear.

Sleep: Lately I seem to wake up every hour, whether it be to use the restroom or just to turn over.

Cravings: So I finally got my hotdog. It was SO Good! And after reading about different hot dog stands in the newspaper that put cream cheese on their dogs, suddently I couldn't get enough. And I can't seem to stop putting cream cheese on things. It even went on my burgers!

Best moment this week: Shower thrown by my co-workers. They spoiled me, and it was so sweet of them to do so! I got so many important essentials at this shower, it was just fabulous!

Movement: Definitely. Practicing his MMA.

Gender: Of the male persuasion.

Labor Signs: None that I can tell.

Belly Button in or out? Still in. But still really pointy up top!

What I miss: Being able to climb stairs, not being so hot all the time. Sleeping on my stomach!!

Weekly Wisdom: Sleeping without the dog cuddling by my side is SO much better!

Milestones: I definitely feel him up by my ribs now, and I have to sit up tall to avoid pain in that area. I am feeling huuuuuge at this point, and I am ready to hopefully fly through this last month.

Favorite Moments: shower thrown by co-workers! So fun, and so exciting!

And picture time. First, 33 week picture.

I apologize for the color of this pic. Oops.

And 34 weeks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Heart At the Movies...

So last week kicked off LifeChurch's At the Movies series. This series is always in July, and in this series our amazing pastor takes 4 popular movies and shows clips from the movies and then uses the movie to relate it to something biblical. Past movies have ranged from Signs, to Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite and Walk the Line. For the series, each campus has a big competition to see who can decorate their place up the best. Our theme this year was Toy Story, and volunteers spent countless hours in the past week setting it up. Walking in, it was designed to make it seem like you are the toy in Andy's bedroom. It is super impressive!! They always serve popcorn, sodas and candy, like you are really at the movies! The movie this week was The Blind Side. Here are a few pictures of the campus to help give you a visual...(sorry I forgot to take a picture of the amazing Etch A Sketch!)

This is the outside of the church, it is done in spray paint! So cool! Don't worry, they will paint over it once the series is over. Remember, you can click on any picture to make it bigger, and this is one impressive picture when bigger!

Walking in under Andy's bed. Sorry the pictures are only so-so, that's what you get with a camera phone!

Andy's nightstand

Andy's Dresser...see the Pizza Planet in the background? That is where snacks are served.

A view looking across the lobby...the Pizza Planet area :)

And finally, the alien's in the pinch and grab machine. They actually move!

And finally, a blurry picture of Slink.

Overall, it is such a fun time at church!! :) Can't wait til next week!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh how I love Fridays.

And its not like I have alot planned for today, or this weekend. I think more than anything I am looking forward to not having anything scheduled to do. I plan to relax on Friday night, read a book and go to bed early. Saturday, Husband and I are going to take his car to the shop because the annoying airbag light keeps coming on, and then we are gonna go get his hair cut and I will probably work out for a few. Only other Saturday plans are hitting up church for the At the Movies series. Definitely going to be good stuff!

And then on Sunday, I hope to go see Eclipse with some of my people. And as of now, that's it. Delightful!

In other news, I don't feel like I have room to get any bigger, yet I still have a good 6.5 weeks to continue getting bigger. Sleep is hard to come by, and everything is just getting hotter. In the exciting news, I have a work shower thrown by my work people this coming Tuesday, and one thrown by Husband's work people on Friday. Super exciting and such a blessing for people to take time/money/effort to celebrate this time with us!!

Funny story - last night Husband took a look at my belly and asked me, halfway jokingly, "what happens if your belly button just comes untied?". I explained the probability of that happening, but it still doubled me over with laughter. He kept saying "well I am just asking. You know that's what they do to babies, tie them off. You never know". I guess, if anything, I should keep him around for the comic relief!

Have a good weekend friends!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Terrific Tuesday - courtesy Pearl

This is the baby gift from Missy. Chris practiced reading to Pearl, and she LOVED it!!

Sportin' her Canada wear..

Friday, July 2, 2010

32 Week Bump Update

How far along? 32 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Some days yes, some days no. Mostly yes though. I still have a pair of yoga pants that fits pretty comfortably and one or two shirts, but I did have to go and buy some bigger/stretchier underwear. Lord knows a pregnant woman doesn't need her panties in a wad! :)

Sleep: Definitely not sleeping as well as I once was. I am just so hot at night. It seems like the nights where I really start sleeping good, my alarm goes off to get up. :(

Cravings: I have been craving a hot dog SO BAD this week. Hopefully with it being the holiday weekend this week I can score on this craving at some cookouts...

Best moment this week:
Weighing and seeing such as small weight gain for once. Weird!! I am not doing anything different... *shrugs*

Movement: Yep. I think he is practicing his swimming strokes in there!

Gender: Boy, boy, boy!

Labor Signs: None that I can tell.

Belly Button in or out?
Still in. But it is reaaaaaalllly pointy up at the top, so we shall see!!

What I miss: Being able to bend down and tie my shoes. Definitely not as easy anymore. And having feet that didn't hurt. But I did get a pedicure last week and AH! my feet were SO happy. Also, I miss having skin that isn't itchy. It seems no matter how much lotion I put on, I can't quite win.

Weekly Wisdom: Exercise is really helping keep me regular. LOL probably TMI!!

Milestones: getting my FMLA paperwork turned in and my leave approved! Yippie!!

Favorite Moments: Feeling baby C kick. I could probably sit around and watch my belly jump all day. So amazing that God is helping him grow so big and strong in there!

I apologize in advance, I really am not a good self photographer, but here are the pictures. :)

He is getting SO big!!