Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

So, lately Pearl has been acting extra mopey around the house and towards me in particular. She greets me when I come home, but is always quick to return back to her bed. I noticed this change in her after I kept bringing home baby shower gifts. I would have gifts with tissue paper still wrapped and she would nose through them all, just hoping with all of her doggie heart that in just *one* of those sacks there would be a toy or a treat for her. Unfortunately, every singing or crinkly sounding baby toy she would find she would get told a firm "no" when attempting to play with it and it seemed to set her back even further. Finally, Husband and I had to resort to buying her a cheap little toy from Target the other day, wrapping it in a sack with tissue paper and allowing her to stick her head in and "find" it. She knew right away that this toy was for her, and proceeded to happily run off to play. She has even been bringing this toy to bed and falling asleep with it!! Little did I know, my poor dog is already dealing with sibling rivalry!

Inspecting diaper cakes...

Searching sacks...

She was SO sure that this adorable rug for baby C to lay on was a life size chew toy for her. It is so soft, I had to kick her off of it!

All of this 'neglect' is just tuckering her out!

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  1. Too funny. We are wondering what our girls are thinking. We think on is ambivalent, but the other has been extra mopey and needy.