Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh how I love Fridays.

And its not like I have alot planned for today, or this weekend. I think more than anything I am looking forward to not having anything scheduled to do. I plan to relax on Friday night, read a book and go to bed early. Saturday, Husband and I are going to take his car to the shop because the annoying airbag light keeps coming on, and then we are gonna go get his hair cut and I will probably work out for a few. Only other Saturday plans are hitting up church for the At the Movies series. Definitely going to be good stuff!

And then on Sunday, I hope to go see Eclipse with some of my people. And as of now, that's it. Delightful!

In other news, I don't feel like I have room to get any bigger, yet I still have a good 6.5 weeks to continue getting bigger. Sleep is hard to come by, and everything is just getting hotter. In the exciting news, I have a work shower thrown by my work people this coming Tuesday, and one thrown by Husband's work people on Friday. Super exciting and such a blessing for people to take time/money/effort to celebrate this time with us!!

Funny story - last night Husband took a look at my belly and asked me, halfway jokingly, "what happens if your belly button just comes untied?". I explained the probability of that happening, but it still doubled me over with laughter. He kept saying "well I am just asking. You know that's what they do to babies, tie them off. You never know". I guess, if anything, I should keep him around for the comic relief!

Have a good weekend friends!!

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