Thursday, July 15, 2010

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Most of the time. I still have a few yoga pants I can wear.

Sleep: Lately I seem to wake up every hour, whether it be to use the restroom or just to turn over.

Cravings: So I finally got my hotdog. It was SO Good! And after reading about different hot dog stands in the newspaper that put cream cheese on their dogs, suddently I couldn't get enough. And I can't seem to stop putting cream cheese on things. It even went on my burgers!

Best moment this week: Shower thrown by my co-workers. They spoiled me, and it was so sweet of them to do so! I got so many important essentials at this shower, it was just fabulous!

Movement: Definitely. Practicing his MMA.

Gender: Of the male persuasion.

Labor Signs: None that I can tell.

Belly Button in or out? Still in. But still really pointy up top!

What I miss: Being able to climb stairs, not being so hot all the time. Sleeping on my stomach!!

Weekly Wisdom: Sleeping without the dog cuddling by my side is SO much better!

Milestones: I definitely feel him up by my ribs now, and I have to sit up tall to avoid pain in that area. I am feeling huuuuuge at this point, and I am ready to hopefully fly through this last month.

Favorite Moments: shower thrown by co-workers! So fun, and so exciting!

And picture time. First, 33 week picture.

I apologize for the color of this pic. Oops.

And 34 weeks.

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  1. Courtney! You are soooo cute!!!! I love your blog! Can't wait to see Baby Camden!