Friday, July 30, 2010

36 weeks

Went to the doctor for my weekly check on Wednesday. Baby C's heart rate is good, 144bpm. He is measuring right up to my rib cage, which I have already been noticing, he tends to get them stuck up there and it can be quite painful when trying to sleep. I just can't seem to stretch out enough to get him out of there! Everything looks good and he said I shouldn't have a problem working up until my due date. Other than that, no progress. Baby C is camping out up there having a good ol' time.

How far along? 36 weeks (and two days, but who is counting??)

Maternity clothes?: Yup. Also, I am digging the oversize shirts that I change into as soon as I get home from work.

Sleep: Horrible. Waking up with heartburn, to pee, or to try and stretch out from those feet stuck in my ribs.

Nothing out of the norm.

Best moment this week: Having my final shower with family and friends. They really spoiled me, and it was so much fun!

Movement: He rolls around in there quite a bit.

Gender: All boy.

Labor Signs: None that I can tell. Not even any Braxton Hicks.

Belly Button in or out? Barely in, but pointing out enough at the top that people think it has "popped".

What I miss: Walking normal. Non-heartburn days. Days when I used to NOT get stared at all the time.

Weekly Wisdom: Always, always, always have zantac on hand! And be prepared for the "oh! aren't you about to pop!" comments and just about everyone no matter where you are; the gym, doctors' office, grocery store to ask you "when are you due?" and strike up a conversation. :)

Milestones: Weekly doctors appointments! That means we are getting there!!

Favorite Moments: shower thrown by Chris' co-workers, shower thrown by my besties.

So, here is my 35 week picture

and 36 weeks.

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  1. You are looking good!! Such a cute preggo mommy!! I hope the next few weeks fly by and you get lots of rest!! Can't wait to see Baby C!