Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nine Month Stats

Today was Camden's 9 month check up at 9 months, 1 week and 2 days.

Little mister has been under the weather, I think it has been the nasty allergies because this spring has been super harsh in this area. He woke up two days ago looking like he had been in a major fight and lost. He had circles under his eyes and was warm to the touch and VERY fussy with a constant cough and a drippy nose. Add that to the drooly mess that he is and it was just not fun. His cough has lightened up a bit and he checked out fine at the doctor, which meant that he still got his shot and his 9 month finger prick.

The dreaded finger prick was first. OH MY WORD did I feel bad for him. He HATED it. Initially it was a bit of a delayed reaction...And then he screamed. He screamed bloody murder LOUDLY and then when she squeezed his finger to get the blood out of it, he continued to wail even louder. I feel like such a mean Mom as I find his wailing almost comical sometimes. He's so animated when upset and even the cute squeaky duck that the shot nurse brought in as a distraction did NOTHING for him.

The finger prick is to check hemoglobin to make sure they are getting enough iron since he will be switching to milk soon. Camden was at 11.4 and 11 is the low end of the range so we passed, but barely!

She bandaided him up and left him to try and figure out how to get that bandaid off of his finger while I held his leg down so he could get his one shot that was required. This time he cried again but it was such a delay, she already had the bandaid on before he let out his short five second yell, and then was over it. Nothing like the 45 second meltdown from the finger prick. I think the bandaid had something to do with it. He sucked and chewed on that finger until we got to the car when he had managed to have the bandaid in his mouth. Thank you bandaid for serving your purpose to distract my little one from his shot!

Then he came home, played with his CiCi, ate dinner, went on a walk and passed out early. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day for everyone!!

{At the doctors office before shots}

{passed out after shots!}

Here's the breakdown:

Height: 28 inches (50%)
Weight: 18 lbs 2.5 ounces (10-25%)
Head: 44.5cm (25%)

I was sure he was going to be heavier as he has all of those adorable yummy rolls, but it turns out he's on the lower end there. Length wise, I can't believe how tall he's getting. I know he's not really all that tall but Husband and I were looking in his crib the night before last and couldn't help but comment how long he was looking laying across his crib. Our little boy is getting so big!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten Things To Do This Summer:

A summer to do list:

1. Take Little C swimming, and actually get IN the pool. Those of you that know me know that I tend to hover around the edges. Sometimes the water is so cold!
2. Take Pearl swimming.
3. Visit Missy.
4. Celebrate Little C's first birthday, on a nifty little budget.
5. cook out often.
6. thrift store shop for odds and ends so I can do a few DIY projects.
7. Sleep in ONE DAY. That's it. ONE. DAY.
8. See one movie IN the theater.
9. Make homemade ice cream.
10. Get a tan.

Think it's do-able? I think so. We shall see! Ready or not summertime...here WE come!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seizures while driving.

On my way to work yesterday morning, I was listening to the radio make fun of the guy who said the world was going to end. They played some of the audio of the guy stating in the most non-chalant voice EVER that judgement day had arrived and the end of the world is now October 21st. So they are imitating his voice saying, "I need to go to the store to pick up some bread, oh and the world is going to end October twenty-one" and I am cracking up laughing as I pull up to a stoplight. Ahead of me is a little piece of crap Corolla. As I am pulling closer and closer, I see that it appears the driver is having a Grand Mal seizure, right there in the drivers seat! As I contemplate in my mind what my next action should be, I decide to switch lanes and pull up next to him. Upon further examination I realize that he in fact is NOT having a seizure, but he is rocking out so hardcore in his Corolla that it was ROCKING. This was even funnier than the radio making fun of end-of-the-world guy. As the light turned green and we drove through the intersection the extremely white guy in the car continues to convulse, and while his entire body is flailing against the seat and somehow manages to keep his car in between the mayonnaise and the mustard. Now that is talent.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nine Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

Nine Months! Yet again I blink and I have already lived through another amazing four weeks of your first year. This month your Daddy and I continue to remark about what a big boy you are getting to be. You have grown so much hair lately and your features just look so much older! You continue to remain as cute as ever, we constantly state to each other "Gosh, he's adorable" or we are yelling at the other one to run in the room to "look and see what your son is doing now!". The changes come so quickly these days!

You are currently wearing 6 month onesies and up to 12 month clothes, depending on the brand. Your pants still need to be in the 9 month to 12 month area to make room for your adorable little belly. You are still wearing size 3 diapers and size 4 overnight.

For initially appearing to be such a thumb sucker, you have really taken to your paci. You can pick one out of anywhere and you know right where to put it. You sometimes will fuss just because your paci isn't in your mouth! Mommy even found a neat trick, if she wants to get you to crawl towards her while taking pictures, all she has to do is dangle your paci over the camera!

This past month has been SO busy. And I don't mean with running around with errands and such, I mean with keeping up with you! You officially started crawling really well and TAKING. OFF. You first started crawling around 4-16 and then a week later you were pulling up all the time. You were slow at first with the pulling up, now you can go anywhere you want and attemp to stand up, this of course includes the brick fireplace, the glass TV stand, the bathtub and anything else breakable or anywhere dangerous. :) Your little palms slap on the tile as you race across the house and you are pulling up on EVERYTHING.

{This is the SPEEDCRAWL to the dog bowl, of course!}

Your bedtime habits have varied this month. You sometimes still go to bed around eight, other times its not until nine. You sure let us know when you are tired and are ready for your before bed snack! Your napping habits have improved, and I am loving it. You never used to sleep this much as a baby! Now you will sleep 9 hours a night (on a good night - lately you have been fighting going to bed), and then you will take 2 naps during the day, lately one 2 hour nap and one 1 hour nap! Yay!! We are really loving this new change.

You tend to use your head these days as a battering ram. You are always bumping it into things, such as the faucet in the bathtub, the corners of the cabinets and of course great grandpa's old ford truck. We have the adorable pouty lip picture to prove it!

You can be quite content to play by yourself, crawling around and pulling up. Despite this, they said at daycare you have your moments and have become 'needy'. Apparently you have attached yourself to one of the girls there, and when you fuss you want her and only her, to be the one to console you. They also mentioned that you try to keep up with the other boy who is about a month older. They told me that he was eating grilled cheese and you were FUSSING because, HELLO? Don't they know to include you too? Luckily for you they give in easy, and you are now allowed to eat chunkier consistencies of food, including table food at daycare when permitting. They said you put away the grilled cheese like a champ.

This month you have had a few new foods, corn, broccoli, waffles, beef jerky, deer jerky, cheetos, pineapple, grapes, mandarin oranges, chicken, and since I gave the okay, you have started eating table foods at daycare. You are doing just fine they say, you eat things such as cheese ravioli, beefy mac and grilled cheese. They say you are loving it, and they forget that you are a few months younger than the older two boys as you keep up with them developmentally. You are however, still eating an ounce of food for breakfast, three for lunch, a snack of puffs or yogurt melts in the afternoon and dinner is usually about three ounces of food. You are still taking a bottle of pumped milk about five times a day and usually anywhere from 3-6 ounces. You are turning into a chunky little mister!

A daycare story: Mommy went to pick you up from daycare and almost walked past you in the main common area. The girl with you said "He was getting fussy in there, he needed a change of scenery". I knelt down as you were standing at a play table with all kinds of manipulative activities on it, said hello, and got flat IGNORED. I tried again. Same response. You were too busy with your new task to look up at me at the moment! I told CiCi this story and she said it best, "He sounds just like his Dad, it was time for a new project! Gotta have something to do!"

You still have a big gummy smile. Mommy is afraid that once you do grow teeth she won't recognize you with them! Once this happens, you are going to have a big smile, as we can see so much of your gums when you smile now. It is just too precious! You remain a majorly drooly kid, so we still bib you daily. Drooling and spitting are common occurances. You are a fan of spitting up after bottles and even if you are over-full from a meal. Up it'll come! We keep an old bedspread on the living room floor with your toys on it, in hopes of it catching most of the upheaval of your stomach. So far baby, you make more of a mess on the carpet than Pearl ever has!

Speaking of Pearl, you have taken such an interest in her lately. You will watch her eat or hover around your highchair while you eat. You will taunt her with your food and when she comes to you that is when you break out into adorable giggles. Who knew Pearl begging was so funny? And speaking of giggling, you are giggling alot more these days. It is quite possibly the sweetest sound on earth.

Besides giggling you are also a fan of blowing raspberries. You spent a good half hour the other night blowing raspberries. You are also becoming delightfully more ticklish. Your feet, sides and even when washing your neck in the tub. Mommy and Daddy have taken advantage of this increased ticklishness as an excuse to make you giggle!

You still aren't a huge fan of grass, but we keep putting you in it to de-sensitize you, if you will. Initially when when put you down in it, you just stay seated and you generally don't move. Its as if by not moving you won't 'feel' the grass. Then when you decide you have remained still for far too long, you will crawl but not without dramatically raising your hands in the air as you crawl each step. Wonder where you get your picky-ness from? (throws a glance to Daddy).

As summer nears I am reminded that at this time last year I was eagerly anticipating your arrival. Last summer flew by so fast, and I know this one will fly by just as quickly as your first birthday draws ever closer!

I'll love you forever,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Moments

*** I pick up Little C from daycare. He's sitting in the table with the two other big boys (both who have teeth, mind you) and they are eating their snack of puffs. He looks like such a big kid sitting in there feeding himself that I just want to tell him to stop eating because he's growing TOO fast! I waited for him to finish his snack - Because DUH! This is MY son here, I KNOW better than to get in the way of him and his food. I talk with the workers in the room while he finishes and then I look back and him and notice that he has finished his puffs and is proceeding to steal the snacks from boy who sits next to him! Sneaky kid. He was working hard to reach that far too!

***Little C and I had to run to the grocery store for oatmeal. We stood in the back of a looooong line of people, most of which had more than twenty items apiece. So there I am, standing in the back juggling an adorable yet getting heavier-by-the-minute twenty pound baby on one hip, and three boxes of oatmeal and keys and cell phone on the other arm/hip. The nice lady in front of me notices us, makes small talk and then insists that I cut in front of her because all I have are the three items. So nice! She did remark that Lil C had some red eyes and it looked like allergies were bothering him. I agree, me too!

***We gave Little C and piece of beef jerky to "chew" on. Remember I use chew very loosely here as we are still holding out for teeth one day. Anyway, he was the biggest drooly mess I have seen in a LONG time, but every time Husband or I attempted to take away the jerky, he would shriek and yell and reach for his jerky as if to say "MINE!" already! Where does he learn this? Again, don't get between him and his food, he's serious! :)

***I pick up Camden from daycare. Everyone ELSE in the room in crying, but my little guy is happily pulling himself up, crawling and cruising around the room. As soon as he catches sight of me? He speed crawls over and looks up at me expectantly like, "Well, what are you waiting for?" Melt my heart!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Version of Touch-A-Truck

{my goodness he's cute isn't he??}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

We had a busy day Sunday evening. We went to visit Great Grandpa because it was his birthday and also celebrate a late Mother's Day with Great Grandma. We spent the afternoon with family while the kids ran around in the yard enjoying the beautiful day.

We took advantage of the Great Grandpa's truck that sits in the backyard and had an impromptu photo shoot. We got some cute pictures despite not really having many plans with how to execute. But this is also when Little C decided while playing on the truck to get his first big boo-boo. He was sitting inside the cab of the truck playing with the steering wheel when OF COURSE he decided to lean out. And it was like it happened in slow motion. Both Husby and I were both there and reached out to catch him before hitting the side step or the ground, but not before catching the metal frame of the inside of the door on the way down. Oops! He cried pretty hard at first, and we thought he was just scared from the ordeal. It wasn't until a few minutes later when we noticed the mark! Good thing those little babies are resilient.

Kisses for baby K and baby C!!! Aren't they cute? Grandpa and Camden even have matching boo-boos!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Lil C and his Momma have been feeling slightly under the weather the last few days. I think it's darn Mother Nature's fault, as she is so fickle with her hot and cold, hot and cold. Make up your mind already!! ;)

Today we don't have too much going on, so what is our Saturday morning scene you ask??


We plan to do some odd jobs around CiCi and Grampa's house and go to church. I also sincerely hope there is lots of R and R in there!

Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you know how to....

...build a rocket ship out of styrofoam cups?

...make spiritual tea?

...solve pi?

...decorate your door and living area with toilet paper?

...instruct others how to play catch a ball yet being unable to catch one yourself?

...take Spanish I and IV at the same time?

...avoid "catching" cancer from your common, everyday hug?

Me neither. But clients at work do. Jealous?? You should be.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day.

One of the BEST gifts I have EVER been given was the gift of being someone's Mommy. Especially this little ones Mommy...

Look how big he is! And how cute! It has been nothing short of amazing thus far and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

And while we are on the subjects of Moms there are two more important ones in our lives we need to thank...



Two strong amazing women that we love so dearly! Thanks for being part of our and Little C's lives, we are truly blessed!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Some pictures of Camden with his cousins from our week before Easter get together. We cooked out, had an Easter egg hunt and took plenty of pictures!

{such cute babes!!}