Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

We had a busy day Sunday evening. We went to visit Great Grandpa because it was his birthday and also celebrate a late Mother's Day with Great Grandma. We spent the afternoon with family while the kids ran around in the yard enjoying the beautiful day.

We took advantage of the Great Grandpa's truck that sits in the backyard and had an impromptu photo shoot. We got some cute pictures despite not really having many plans with how to execute. But this is also when Little C decided while playing on the truck to get his first big boo-boo. He was sitting inside the cab of the truck playing with the steering wheel when OF COURSE he decided to lean out. And it was like it happened in slow motion. Both Husby and I were both there and reached out to catch him before hitting the side step or the ground, but not before catching the metal frame of the inside of the door on the way down. Oops! He cried pretty hard at first, and we thought he was just scared from the ordeal. It wasn't until a few minutes later when we noticed the mark! Good thing those little babies are resilient.

Kisses for baby K and baby C!!! Aren't they cute? Grandpa and Camden even have matching boo-boos!!!

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