Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Moments

*** I pick up Little C from daycare. He's sitting in the table with the two other big boys (both who have teeth, mind you) and they are eating their snack of puffs. He looks like such a big kid sitting in there feeding himself that I just want to tell him to stop eating because he's growing TOO fast! I waited for him to finish his snack - Because DUH! This is MY son here, I KNOW better than to get in the way of him and his food. I talk with the workers in the room while he finishes and then I look back and him and notice that he has finished his puffs and is proceeding to steal the snacks from boy who sits next to him! Sneaky kid. He was working hard to reach that far too!

***Little C and I had to run to the grocery store for oatmeal. We stood in the back of a looooong line of people, most of which had more than twenty items apiece. So there I am, standing in the back juggling an adorable yet getting heavier-by-the-minute twenty pound baby on one hip, and three boxes of oatmeal and keys and cell phone on the other arm/hip. The nice lady in front of me notices us, makes small talk and then insists that I cut in front of her because all I have are the three items. So nice! She did remark that Lil C had some red eyes and it looked like allergies were bothering him. I agree, me too!

***We gave Little C and piece of beef jerky to "chew" on. Remember I use chew very loosely here as we are still holding out for teeth one day. Anyway, he was the biggest drooly mess I have seen in a LONG time, but every time Husband or I attempted to take away the jerky, he would shriek and yell and reach for his jerky as if to say "MINE!" already! Where does he learn this? Again, don't get between him and his food, he's serious! :)

***I pick up Camden from daycare. Everyone ELSE in the room in crying, but my little guy is happily pulling himself up, crawling and cruising around the room. As soon as he catches sight of me? He speed crawls over and looks up at me expectantly like, "Well, what are you waiting for?" Melt my heart!

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