Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nine Month Stats

Today was Camden's 9 month check up at 9 months, 1 week and 2 days.

Little mister has been under the weather, I think it has been the nasty allergies because this spring has been super harsh in this area. He woke up two days ago looking like he had been in a major fight and lost. He had circles under his eyes and was warm to the touch and VERY fussy with a constant cough and a drippy nose. Add that to the drooly mess that he is and it was just not fun. His cough has lightened up a bit and he checked out fine at the doctor, which meant that he still got his shot and his 9 month finger prick.

The dreaded finger prick was first. OH MY WORD did I feel bad for him. He HATED it. Initially it was a bit of a delayed reaction...And then he screamed. He screamed bloody murder LOUDLY and then when she squeezed his finger to get the blood out of it, he continued to wail even louder. I feel like such a mean Mom as I find his wailing almost comical sometimes. He's so animated when upset and even the cute squeaky duck that the shot nurse brought in as a distraction did NOTHING for him.

The finger prick is to check hemoglobin to make sure they are getting enough iron since he will be switching to milk soon. Camden was at 11.4 and 11 is the low end of the range so we passed, but barely!

She bandaided him up and left him to try and figure out how to get that bandaid off of his finger while I held his leg down so he could get his one shot that was required. This time he cried again but it was such a delay, she already had the bandaid on before he let out his short five second yell, and then was over it. Nothing like the 45 second meltdown from the finger prick. I think the bandaid had something to do with it. He sucked and chewed on that finger until we got to the car when he had managed to have the bandaid in his mouth. Thank you bandaid for serving your purpose to distract my little one from his shot!

Then he came home, played with his CiCi, ate dinner, went on a walk and passed out early. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day for everyone!!

{At the doctors office before shots}

{passed out after shots!}

Here's the breakdown:

Height: 28 inches (50%)
Weight: 18 lbs 2.5 ounces (10-25%)
Head: 44.5cm (25%)

I was sure he was going to be heavier as he has all of those adorable yummy rolls, but it turns out he's on the lower end there. Length wise, I can't believe how tall he's getting. I know he's not really all that tall but Husband and I were looking in his crib the night before last and couldn't help but comment how long he was looking laying across his crib. Our little boy is getting so big!

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