Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Curse of the Hormones

Husband and I were putting Camden to bed the other night and little C was having issues with wanting to lay down. We were trying to get him covered, to say our prayers and to get our evening kisses. Of course, Pearl decided she needed to be on the bed, and things got all discombobulated so to be sure that C knew it was bedtime Husband had me to turn off the light while we finish tucking him in.

Next thing I knew, I forgot to get my goodnight kiss. Oh well, I thought. I'll get some more in the morning. We leave and start making our lunches for the next day.

But then Camden is fussing in his room, Husband goes in to settle him and he comes back and tells me "He wanted a kiss".

And then I can feel the hormone surge, but can't do anything about it.

Before I know it I'm standing in the kitchen making the next days peanut butter and jelly sandwich crying through tears about how "he doens't even need me". My husband, not realizing I'm tearing up, adds salt to the wound by shrugging and saying "He's a Daddy's boy". Before I know it tears are falling and I'm wailing out loud about how "he doesn't need me anymore". Husband turns around shocked, looks at me incredulously and asks "are you crying?" and then busts out laughing.

I realize how ridiculous the tears are and what it's over, but I can't make it stop. I continue to cry and pout and say "too bad 2.0 isn't a girl cause then I would have someone need me", which after it leaves my mouth I realize how utterly ridiculous I sound. Really, Courtney?

Before I know it, I'm laughing so hard I can't see through my tears and I have to take a bathroom break. Husband is still loudly cackling in the kitchen at me, and when I return he reminds me that "they will always need you". He then lovingly points out that he feels like he "always went to my mom more" and that everything will be okay - all while sneaking in one last snicker to make me want to punch him in the arm.

Curse the horomones.


I go to bed on Monday night knowing that the local Chick Fil A's are having free breakfast Tuesdays in the month of February. I look at the picture I have of the banner that has the dates and the line up of free food, as well as the times, 6:30 to 10AM. Perfect, I think to myself. If we get out of the house early we can stop by and get a free breakfast and I can be just a few minutes late to work. I set my alarm earlier than normal.

When the next morning comes I bust through my routine with ChickFilA on my mind, knowing that timing is everything to be able to stop and get breakfast at 630, drop off the dog and then C to daycare and then to get clocked in on time. We arrived at ChickFilA at 6:32 after a bit of a morning to get little C out of the door on time. I realized it had to be today or never, because today was a free kid-friendly breakfast; it was chicken minis whereas the other weeks are chicken biscuits or things that he wouldn't really have any interest in.

I pull up and the parking lot is incredibly full for being two minutes after opening. I get up to the drive through and ask the girl about the free breakfast. She states "Oh, that doesn't start at this location until 7AM".

Wait, what?!?

I knew I had a picture of the sign for THAT location. I contemplate ordering anyway, but look at the line of cars in the drive through that are 4 deep and realize I have no other choice but to drive off and leave, as I can still make it to work on time if I hustle.

Camden starts fussing in the backseat as we leave, "I wanna go back" and crying about wanting to play. That's when I start to tear up, I'm thinking "I promised my kid something and couldn't deliver" and "they lied to me".

Ridiculousness - I know, but I was frustrated. I busted my rear to get my 2.5 year old kid and I ready so that we could do this and they completely deflated my bubble.

I have Husband check to make sure I was in fact at the right ChickFilA. He's gets on the website and says that even the website says 630-10 at the particular location I was at. This of course, frustrates me more, but there's nothing I can do about it at this point.

Again...another run in with the hormones. At least Husband wasn't around this time to make fun of me! I hadn't noticed a big issue with hormones until these two recent incidents. Pregnancy hormones make it that much easier to cry, that's for sure!

*And note to self, double check Chick Fil A's advertising, as they apparently can be contradictory. Who knew?? I felt that was very out of character for them!

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  1. oh hormones! man. that chickfila needs to work on their advertising. what a disappointment.