Thursday, January 31, 2013

Survey Says!!! Almost 18 weeks...

How far along?: 17 weeks and 6 days or so

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't weighed lately. Which is nice. I think I may be up 12 or so. Trying to be good so that I can fit into my bridesmaids dress for my besties wedding at the end of April!!!

Maternity clothes?: Definitely pants. Most shirts are still non maternity since maternity is still too long. I don't really look hugely pregnant yet, mostly like I ate some big meals and need to hit the gym to work off some el-bees.

Sleep: I can still sleep on my belly if I angle my hips enough, and so that's good, since I sleep the best on my stomach. Waking up about once a night to pee. Could be even more restful if I didn't have crazy dreams!

Best moment of the week: I have already hit the gym 3x this week and it's not halfway over. Hopefully I can make it at least once more, 4x a week is ideal! Finding time to do arm exercises as well. I feel accomplished when I still get a workout in and still feel a little sore. Now if I could just walk past the free doughnuts at work....

Movement: I think I have felt some movement, but not really for sure yet. It was very slight if that's what it was.

Food Cravings: Yes! Okra, Guacamole, Ice Cream.

Belly Button: Still there. Probably will remain flat and an innie like last time.

What I miss: I miss being able to walk up stairs without getting winded, being able to do push ups when I work out - they now strain the muscles in my belly and make it hurt. Also, I was watching Friends at the gym the other day and Rachel had a glass of white wine. It looked so good, and I'm not even a big drinker!

What I am looking forward to: This weekend when I can hopefully sleep in a little on Saturday, and continue to get the house picked up and purged of things we don't need. It's an ongoing battle, that's for sure! Tossing names around with Husband. Hopefully we can make time for that soon, it seems to be a little on the back burner.

Weekly Wisdom: Go to bed early. I have had two nights in a row of crazy dreams. The first night was about people thinking Camden needed to go to a psych ward for his 'bad' behavior and the next night was about people breaking into the house and me trying to hide and keep the dog quiet so I could call the police. Both nights I had to completely wake myself up to end them. No fun.

Milestones: Not that I can think of. We know the gender, so that's exciting and a huge milestone. We want to be definite before we decide on names since the doctor was "pretty sure" he saw the proper anantomy. Wait I take that back. For the first time this week a patient asked me if I had a "bun in the oven". If others have noticed previously they didn't say anything OR they didn't have enough cognitive capacity to ask. The patient that happened to notice this week is very Axis 2 and Borderline and brags a lot about how rich and smart she is. So, props to her I guess!!

Big C Update: He is doing so well! He asked to nap in his new room and in his new bed last Sunday. So then we put him to bed there. And now he's been going to bed there every night! It's crazy, but he's doing really well. I hope it sticks. There have been a few nights where I have heard him fuss, which is what I was worried about - not being able to hear. Was it because of crazy dreams that I was sleeping light? I don't know, but I went in there the other night and he just wanted to be covered up. Once I tucked him back in and gave him a kiss he was good to go. I want to finish setting up his room so that he really feels like he lives in there. Right now we sleep him in his new room, and after he's up he goes into his old room to get ready. That routine isn't going to stick when there's a baby, and once we get his closet and clothes in the dresser moved over. The hard part though is he still uses the changing table. Kid is still in diapers and apparently proud of it as he has announced it quite a bit lately -- "I wear diapers!". No matter how many times I point out that Goofy and Daddy wear big boy underwear, it doesn't seem to phase him. What a mess he is!

And a picture for kicks... Taken at about 17.5 weeks. Also pardon the haircut that NEEDS to happen!!

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