Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More baby blog posts

Wednesday December 5th.

So far I suppose I am about 9 1/2 weeks now. Things are going fine, but boy am I hungrier. I started eating breakfast again - oatmeal at work to help with my hunger. Usually I'm not hungry until about ten when I snack on some fruit. I've been noticing if I don't eat and try to "wait it out" I find junk around work to eat. Doughnuts, snack foods, not healthy stuff. So, oatmeal it is. Now I need to cut down on my afternoon snacking, my biggest challenge. Ugh.

Things are going well, always get super tired around 1030 at work. Like whoa. I am so tired at night but then I can't seem to get myself into bed at a decent hour. So much going on that it just seems impossible. Maybe tonight I'll have better luck.

We kind of gave up on telling Camden about the baby for now. I mean, he kinda gets it, but I think he'll get it even better when there is a belly. He's been so much fun lately despite random sickies and coughs and tantrums. This age really is exciting!

My pants are still tight but I'm trying to work out and hope that nothing shows for a bit longer. I think a lot of my weight is in my boobs, those things are ridiculous to take along to workout again.

We went to Lowes this past weekend to look at paint colors. Camden of course says he likes "this color" but then later picks like 4 other totally different colors. We are trying to decide which wall we will paint an accent color, and what color the rest of the walls will be. We keep showing Camden the guest room and call it his "new room" and he will still point to his current room and correct us that is his room. Chris is planning on doing crown moulding in there to finish it off, which will be a nice addition since only Camden's current room has the crown moulding. Sounds like a nice little winter project, cleaning out the guest room, purging of things we don't need (OH MY GOODNESS - WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT MY SADDLE? For clarification purposes I will NOT be getting rid of that), and then rearranging his room, and setting it up to his liking. I think we should be able to get it all figured out. Hopefully. Hopefully Camden can transition to the room springtimeish. Of course, that's really all up in the air and we want him to be ready for that.

Alright, this tired momma feels like she has typed enough for now. Don't go back to the doctor until the 17th, so that's still almost two weeks away. Can't wait to see little bit again!!

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