Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Secret baby blog

I wrote some stuff out as I found out we were pregnant and went to my first doctors' appointment. Here are a few of the posts I have written and saved...

Friday, November 16th...

I have known for a couple weeks know that I am pregnant. I knew I was supposed to start before Halloween, and it never came. I didn't officially take a pregnancy test that looked right (you know how all those plusses and things are) until our anniversary on November 4th. (I know, cue the awwwws). I had to work that day, so I left out the test and a little note for Husband to find when he woke up telling him that I was pretty sure "this was a yes". He knew it was coming anyway, but still.

It's been hard to keep it a secret, sometimes I just want to blurt it out. At work, to people at daycare, to family. But I'm being patient!

I have a doctors appointment on Monday the 19th. If all goes well there then we will plan how and when we want to tell families. At that point I will probably tell daycare so I can get on the waiting list to get #2 in the same awesome Daycare as C. Fingers crossed they will have a spot!

I'm feeling fine so far. Very thirsty, peeing a lot, and already forgetting to take my vitamin. (FAIL). Of course I'm very tired, and naps are amazing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can nap some this weekend when C naps, in between picture taking and church. I mean it's a free weekend, doesn't a nap just sound glorious?

I have switched doctors, and chose someone that seems to be a little closer to work, so that I can go for appointments without having much of an issue. This doctor also delivers at the hospital I had C at, which is what I prefer. Close to home and smaller - I really enjoyed that people could come visit and not get lost on the way. A girl at work sees the same doctor I picked and she LOVES him, so I suppose that is a good sign.

Because of all of this early pregnancy thing, when I had that nasty sinus infection/allergy/cold thing going on - I couldn't take ANYTHING to knock it out. It was tough. Finally I saw that I could take some Robitussin DM - thankfully because I spent an entire weekend of not sleeping. It was horrible. I have people handing me samples of Mucinex and people giving me cough syrup with codeine(mom!), that I couldn't do anything with but "pretend" to take it. You never know, I mean you just want to be sure.

A co-worker at work told me about the new study that they just came out with a few days ago. The one where they checked with moms to see if they ever had a fever while they were sick, and found that if you did in fact have a fever you were more likely to have a child with autisim or something along those lines. Crazy thinking, right? It's kinda made me a little paranoid about getting sick.

Very Excited!!