Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Wrap Up

2012 brought about lots of happenings in our household.

In January I wrote out a list of goals to accomplish in the new year. I wanted to be more present in my daily activities as I felt like Camden was growing up way too fast. I feel that this was accomplished rather well, as evidenced by my lack of blogging it goes to show that I am stepping away from the computer and enjoying my free seconds. As a working mom, that is something that has to be done. I spent as much time away as I do with him, so it's important that I soak it up. I also had a goal of maintaining a healthy workout routine. I'd go as far to say that is still a work in progress. I'll continue to work at that. My other goal was to read the bible in a year, and as of 12-26 I did just that! Woot! This was the month where I also struggled with learning how to discipline Camden and what would be the right steps for us as a family. I also videoed Camden running to me when I pick him up at daycare. I'm happy to report that he still runs when he sees me and yells "mamma mamma" the whole way over. I love it, and will be so sad when it stops!!

February brought about buidling a playhouse for the backyard, first swim lessons and first Bounce U party. This was also the month that we helped launch a new campus at church, and it was one of the most rewarding and best things we have done. We got more invovled in church, volunteering on the Host Team and meeting people weekly. It has really been a blessing.

March brought about the beginning of molar teething, Camden graduated diaper dolphins and we continued on in the next round of swim for another eight weeks to bring us right up to swim season. We were plagued with fevers and while teething and getting kicked out of school because of it, but still staying strong!

April we took a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast. On Easter, Camden actually understood that he had to pick up the eggs. Until he found out that there were things INSIDE the eggs. I did my first Pinot's Palette painting party with friends and for my birthday my brother let me shoot his guns. I can now say I have shot a gun!

May brought about more teething and biitng for Camden, and he graduated rooms at daycare. We spent some time with the cousin's helping them build a fence and had a great time there. We dedicated Camden at church, and gave him the life verse of Zephaniah 3:17. It was such a special time, and I love that we get to take him to such a great place to learn and grow in Jesus.

June brought about fun stuff. We transitioned Camden to a toddler bed after continual climbing out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. We rode bikes and ate sno cones and played in the sprinklers. I took maternity pictures for my bestie Jennie and I think they turned out simply amazing, it was work I was truly proud of, one of my first real sessions! My bestie Tiffany and I threw a baby shower for Jennie at my house.

July brought about At the Movies series at Church. It is simply amazing, and we love going to visit nearby campuses and helping set up ours. It's always a fantastic series, so much to look forward to! We watched fireworks that Camden seemed to enjoy before requesting to watch Mickey Mouse. We swam lots. Pearl got really sick and we were all really worried about her, took her to the vet and after an arm and a leg later - she was on the up and up. We swam some more.

August came so quickly, and with it came Camden's second birthday. We planned a joint birthday party with his cousin and rented a big water slide. For me, the big thing that sticks out about August was finding out about my "spot" Sheldon. I had no idea what kind of spot he was, or what he was doing in my brain. It was a stressful time, not knowing what was going on. Thankful that I signed up for volunteer MRIs to learn more about it and maybe catch something early. I was called and told about this the day before Camden's birthday. It was stressful and scary when I was trying to focus on the happy time that was Camden's birthday.

September was here so fast. We visit the zoo, went to friends birthday parties and snuggled together, all of us. Camden moved again to another new room at daycare. Camden got sick with the vomits, and it was pathetic. The actual date of Camden's birthday party fell on Sept 1, as it was the first free weekend. It was so much fun, the kids LOVED the water slide, and we stayed late and played as a family after everyone left. It was great! It also served as a great distractor while I waited to hear back about my spot, "Sheldon".

October was another fun month. We visited the pumpkin patch and Camden got to go on his first pony ride. I'll never forget how excited he was to ride the ponies - he even remembered the name of his pony, Cherokee, months later after riding. Camden and I had a solo trip to the zoo, where he loved getting to run around and play. I took my sister in law's maternity photos, Camden started saying "I you Momma" (I love you momma) repeatedly, Husband and I went to Homecoming walkarounds at our Alma Mater and I threw a baby shower for my sister in law. Halloween flew by us, we trick or treated with the cousins and Camden just LOVES spending time with them. He was the same thing he was last year (a lion), because he could still fit and the kid wasn't about to wear anything on his head anyway.

November brought about our 6th anniversary, and on this date it was when I took a pregnancy test confirming what I had already suspected by Halloween. I worked that day, but left the evidence and a note out for Husband. Camden started becoming a little chatty cathy this month, talking all the time. We had an amazing Thanksgiving, announcing to our family that Camden was getting a promotion - to big brother! It was an exciting holiday and we were thrilled to share our news. I also had my first doctors appointment with my new doctor, and got to see the the little baby C.

December crept up on us quickly. We had holiday gatherings, work parties and events going on like whoa. Baking and being thankful and seeing Christmas lights. I had my second appointment with my doctor. We started new Christmas traditions like Elf on a Shelf and visited the Christmas Train for the first time. Christmas was good to us and we were blessed beyond measure. By Christmas I was officially 3 months pregnant and things were looking good. Even today, on the last day of the year we are taking Camden to his first OSU basketball game. Excited for the memories, and you can't beat free tickets! Thanks Heather!

Looking back on this year, we have been incredibly blessed. We have had our ups and downs, our questioning moments and our trials. But God always prevails, he never gives up on us, and he is faithful. He has brought us so much good out of such trying and scary times, that I can't help but tear up when thinking of all I DO have. We were so blessed by this pregnancy and that its timing fits perfectly into what needs to be done with further brain scans. I feel completely at ease with everything and know it's all in His hands.

By the way - We haven't announced on fb about our news and don't plan to yet, so those that are friends IRL (in real life), heads up!

Looking on to the next year my goals are simple: I want to continue to be the best mom to Camden, wife to Husband I can be. I want to be able to deliver a healthy baby and carry it healthy as well, spoil Camden in his last months as only child, and continue to learn and grow as a wife, mother, child of God. I started another year long reading plan, and other than that? My goals aren't too super ambitious. Just to take care of things. To take pictures. To love on my kid(s).

Happy New Year, friends!