Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekend recap

Long time no post! We had the busiest weekend in a long time! We did Christmas train on Friday night, I had two photo sessions, we did home improvement work to fix some outlets (I get to say "we" because I did help hubby run the lines/wires during naptime), we saw lights at Rhema and we spent the better part of our free time looking for my keys that I "lost". The house got a good cleaning after getting turned upside down multiple times.

Finally found my keys after a long weekend of searching, in my pants that I had already washed AND dried. Big fat fail. It appears as if the keys are ruined, but at least I know where they are on the plus side.

Chris was thoroughly annoyed as can be expected, especially after my phone incident a few weeks ago. But on the plus side my sweet hubby is the BEST. Not only did he quietly voice his frustration, but he surprised me with a new camera lens and a flash for my camera when I got home Friday! He had to take a half day to be able to sign for it so he could have it all before we headed out on the Christmas Train. So sweet of him! He really hustled to get it all. And he got the high grade lens even though I said I would settle for the medium. He kept saying "you wouldn't of been happy". Whatever, would too! But I am extremely happy this way too!

Camden also had some sickness this weekend that was random. Two of the days and mostly in the middle of the night he would cough and then vomit. Just once, and like 24 hours apart. And it was gross. He didn't run a fever, acted fine if not even better after. It was just bizarre. He denied anything hurting, and all doctor appointments were full so I am just waiting it out. So far no incidents since this weekend. But he is still coughing and I think I may have a slight touch of PTSD from the events as I jump everytime he starts to hack.

Been trying to wrap up end of the year stuff. Getting final doctor appointments and making sure we spent enough on flex spending. Let me just say, I think we are going to own lots of band aids very shortly!

That is all I can think of for now. Evenings are spent enjoying this uncharacteristically warm weather out riding trikes and bikes or spent at the gym or editing photos. So much to do, so little time left before Christmas!

I will leave you with a few picture of pictures of Christmas Train and a shot of my gorgeous nieces' newborn photos!

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