Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eye See You

Camden has had a rough go the past few days, as it seems the bottom molars may be wanting to poke through. Little man hasn't been in the best of moods when he hurts, I feel for him. He also isn't the biggest fan of having a camera stuck in his face when he isn't feeling well, but Mommy can't help it. She is such a fan of those baby blues that she just can't get enough.

I took this picture the other day after eating lunch. I pulled Camden over to our big windows in the kitchen while still in his high chair so I could get some good light into those eyes so I could really capture the color. I think I succeeded, no?

Coupled with the gorgeous blue and green shirt? Nom nom nom. Just want to kiss those cheeks!

Linking up with The Paper Mama, for her photography challenge: eyes.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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