Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bye Bye...

We had a busy week last week here at the A household. What happened, you ask?

We said "byeee byeee" to an important member of our family for the past year and a half.

And it was TOUGH. Have you guessed what it was yet? Any ideas? Parting with a blanket? Saying goodbye to a favorite food? Nope.

Operation Peace Out pacifier commenced.

This bad boy? Is no longer a part of the family. We started midweek last week. I was talking with the girls at daycare and they said they thought it was time to break it, and that he would be okay without it. They said he wasn't napping with it everyday, so they thought it was possible. So? I gave them the go ahead to do without. They said the first day was a little rough at naptime. Fussed for about ten minutes. Day two? He continued to dig through his blankets on his cot and look for his paci, but after getting distracted by the koala bears printed on his sheets, he forgot all about it and was out after 1-2 fussy minutes. Day three was a cinch. So, husband and I decided on Day 3 at night, we would just go ahead and do without. Night time was a bit rougher.

Camden is used to picking out which color of paci he wants before laying down to bed. So when he went to pick out his paci and they were 'all gone'? He was NOT a fan. He fought it. He fussed. He was crying so hard he was sweating. We went in and patted him and rocked him but every time we would put him back in his crib, he would wake up and fuss. We took turns patting and consoling. Finally we let him cry it out. It was hard. He cried for a while, but finally crashed. He was up a few times that night fussing a little but never long enough for me to go in to him.

The next day he was so worn out from a not so good night of sleep he hardly protested at nap time. At bedtime he talked to himself for a few minutes, fussed for about one minute and was out.

Night three? Might have been the worst. Thanks to a late nap, he staged Operation: Occupy Crib While Pissed off and Awake. He fussed. He protested. He talked to himself. He screamed. I was in multiple times to console him, but Ibuprofen and teething tablets with some extra milk was the winning combination after a two hour protest. Goodness gracious, I don't think I can keep this up! I feel like I'm taking away crack from an addict. Whew! But I refuse to be an enabler and go back on what we decided. No pacifier for you, little C! ;)

So as hard as it was for me? It was probably harder for him. But better now while he won't remember it, right? Also, wouldn't it be better for him to communicate with me and use his words instead of plugging up his little mouth?

But the question remains... will we regret doing it this early? One might think, why is it early? Well, if we had waited two weeks it would be AFTER we get back from a little vacation that is four hours away. And that is a loooooong car ride with a kid who refuses to nap. Also, that teething thing. Growing more molars without a pacifier. Bleh.

I guess we will find out later if we regret it or not!

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  1. You are brave! We SO need to limit Hudson's binky use bc he really wants it all of the time. The plan is to take it away except at mornings and naps after he cuts two more teeth that he's trying to cut. I'm afraid that he will suck his fingers if we take it totally away bc I've seen him do that some. We can take the binky but can't take his fingers. :) Wish us luck! Yeah for Camden!