Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twenty Months!

Wow, here we are, officially not a teenager anymore. Wait, I mean you officially aren't in the teens when counting by months, and I imagine the time to your 24 month mark will continue to fly by. It does seem like you will be leaving for college any day, it really does go by fast!

You are growing like a weed, child. You are SO heavy anymore! I never realize it until I go to pick you up, and it feels like there is a weight attached to your pants dragging you down. But wait! Those are just your legs that are attached! I haven't weighed you yet but last time you were at the doctor you were 26 pounds so I would guess you are close to thirty. Your feet are still a size five, in fact your new Giraffe TOMS in a size five are still a little big on you, and you have to wear them with socks (and you still step out of them). Its okay though, they should be just about perfect in time for the hot part of summer. You are wearing mostly 24month or 2T shirts, you can still wear 18 month shirts but not for long. Your pants are about the same, 18-24 months and even 2T, if it's rolled up. You are still wearing a size 5 diaper.

This past month Mommy decided to attempt cloth diapering at night. She's not sure what she was thinking other than she wanted to way to save on those pesky expensive overnight diapers. We have tried two different kinds and may have found our match. It was tough though, lots of changing sheets and finding the right fit. You were none too pleased the first time you had one on, I don't think you liked how thick they have to be at night. Mom doesn't think it's too bad though, but she definitely has to wash those diapers right away. Because? G-ross!

You are LOVING playing in your playhouse. You can't seem to get enough. You are always asking to go "out-ide" so you can play. You love to follow your Dad around outside, doing things in the yard or helping him mow. You usually just stand in the middle of the yard with your mower and turn it to watch him while he goes around. It's pretty cute watching you. Swimming is still one of your favorites, and we are still in swim lessons once a week.

You are wanting to be SO independent all the time. We went to Texas to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge while Daddy and Grandpa went to the Nascar race. The baby pool was 18 inches deep, and you wanted to walk, climb and do everything ON YOUR OWN. Even after you would slip and be face down in the water and need help up, you still wouldn't want any more help after getting back on your own two feet. Mr. Independent that's for sure!

You don't walk anymore. You RUN. I kept having to tell you to walk around the pool area. Your little bow legged run is just precious, and you seem to do more work running than you would just walking. But you prefer to go your own way, and that's okay.

About a week before Easter you started to really become a little chatterbox. Just talking and talking nonsense to anyone who would listen. You have a whole LIST of words you can say, of about 25 or so, but I can't even think of them all. You are better at stringing your words together now too, saying "More milk" or "please Daddy". Thankfully, you have really picked up on some of your manners. Now you will say "thank you" when given something without being prompted. We hope that keeps up! We learned a new sign word this month since you aren't so hot at pronouncing the letter 's'. We learned the sign for "sorry". Now when you do something wrong or if you go to time out, you have to look us in the eye, sign sorry and give us hugs before getting out. You also really like to shake your head and say "no no" when we ask you a question. It seems as if "no no" is always your response, you barely use the word yes and you don't know know to nod yet. Well you can, it just isn't much of a habit yet. You comprehend so much of what we say now, that part is really impressive!

Mickey is still by far your favorite show and seems to hold your interest a bit longer these days. You do also enjoy Bubble Guppies and Curious George. You still don't sit still at restaurants or other important places, Mommy can't wait for the day when you will be able to do that. Work in progress!

You are so smart. You know motions to all sorts of songs, you can point out just about every body part, and you are pretty darn good at matching your shapes. We can ask you what sound an animal makes and you can mimic it. We can't wait to take you back to the zoo so we can show you all of those animals again in person!

Your bottom molars are finally starting to break through, and your top ones still aren't all the way through. That makes our total at 10.25 teeth. You are eating better at what is on our plates and eating less pureed food, so that is definitely progress. Some days at daycare though, you will completely refuse meals. Picky eater, just like your Dad! Strawberries seem to be your favorite, either the flavor in a pureed pouch or the actual berry, you really seem to enjoy those. And 'nanas'.

You have been infatuated with Daddy when he mows the yard. As soon as we get home in the evenings you point at the mower and the blower. As soon as Daddy gets home you point and talk. The other day we brought you in the house and you proceeded to throw a fit by the back door asking to "mo mo mo mo mo" which is your version of "mow". You lucked out that daddy just happened to need to mow, but it was cute how bad you wanted to do it.

You continue to amaze us at how big you are getting. They are getting ready to have promotions at daycare, and that means you are moving up a room. It's always so bittersweet for me. For multiple reasons, one being I have gotten so used to your teachers, and you love them and the routine in that room as well. Second, was the fact that I had to see your name listed underneath the "Older Ones". That just sounded so old, and time is going SO fast. Weren't you just a little baby in the baby room spitting up all over the place? My how time really does fly. Your next letter will be written after your move to your new teachers, I am praying for a smooth transition!

As always little boy,
Love you to the moon and back!
Mommy and Daddy

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