Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter, Part II

{who cares about getting more eggs, lets eat what was in this one!}

{Cousin K has got it figured out!}

{So does cousin H!}

After the easter egg hunt, we played with a bouncy ball and Husband and his brother were kicking it up really high in the air. Camden thought this was HILARIOUS. I took some pictures of him full on laughing.

Then, Camden decided he thought he might want to snack on something. So he helped himself.

Then, Mommy decided to have another impromptu photo shoot reminiscient of last year.

Remember this post involving this same truck?

and somehow I managed to remember to take a family picture of ALL THREE OF US. Mark that down on the calendar, I never seem to remember!

It was great getting to see everyone for the holiday, and I'm glad the weather held off so we could enjoy it outside. It was a fun-filled and busy weekend, that's for sure!

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