Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playhouse Update!

{waving at me from the unpainted house}

You guys! The playhouse is coming along. It is painted, has a green door like our front door, and it was sealed and made bug proof so carpet could be installed! Underneath the porch, husband even installed pavers to help with the mess of tracking stuff in on the carpet. (I can't believe I'm typing that for a playhouse). Of course, I just typed that and it gets more astonishing. Husband was playing with C in the playhouse and noted that despite having the windows open when it was warmer out, it was SWELTERING in the house. Husband decided that wouldn't do, because how was little C supposed to play in there all summer? He did the next logical thing. Yup, he installed an air conditioner. Seriously.

We are those people.

Anyway, it looks awesome, and Camden LOVES it. That's the important part. We have moved some toys outside and he asks to go out there as soon as he wakes up. It's adorable.

{fussing because he had to come in because it was raining} He loves it!

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