Monday, March 19, 2012

My Little Diaper Dolphin

My little Diaper Dolphin graduated class last week! He loved the last week of class because it was water safety, and the bigger classes had a canoe in the pool that they were taking rides in, and learning canoe and life jacket safety. Camden loved to watch the canoe! Since he was the only person in class that day, it was just us and the teacher for thirty minutes. We went through our songs and paces, went under water and even learned some new tricks and tried out floaties for the first time. He wasn't the biggest fan of the floaties, but he wore them! Then our instructor surprised us at the end and said Camden could take a boat ride with the bigger class of kids, "since he was so advanced". He had to put the floaties back on which he couldn't put his arms in fast enough when she told him he could go on the "boat". {The way he says it - it sounds like bow} He was super excited! Unfortunately, I didn't get any canoe day pics, as my photographer couldn't make it. (Thanks Marcie for all your pictures from the other sessions!!) I believe the pictures below are from the fourth of our six sessions. The smile on his face is undeniable!

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  1. We have the same teacher!!!! Harper and I are going to take Flippers on Monday's at 5 in June and July with Mysha and Ellarie. You should do it with us!!!!