Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Daylight Savings Monday

Happy Daylight Savings Monday Everyone! If you thought last Monday was bad, this Monday is going to be that much more fun!! How did you all do losing an hour of sleep? It's by far my least favorite for that reason, but I do enjoy it being late lighter that's for sure.

Camden was good this past weekend but a little on edge. At times he felt pretty warm, but we were out and about so never able to take his temperature. We are still working on growing those molars, so his bouts of fussiness would be over something completely ridiculous, like we told him he would have to brush his teeth and he'd lose it. Poor guy, it can't be any fun.

Of course, daylight savings night he wakes up crying in pain and then was up for a good two hours, which is really three hours on daylight savings night. I gave him Tylenol and some teething tablets and then he just wanted to be held. He's only this little (it's really not little anymore - I notice that when he laid on my chest he's tall enough now to take up my whole upper half!) for so long, so I couldn't help but to hold him. He laid awake patting me and snuggling. I finally laid him down wide awake and he went to sleep without a fuss. Unfortunately for me, I had trouble falling asleep!

Other than that, it was a great weekend. The playhouse got shingles and is coming along. It needs paint and a front door and a porch railing and we just might be good to go! It is looking really good though. We ran errands Saturday night, enough to keep us busy. I experimented with making a red velvet cake dip/cheese ball thing and it is delightful.

Sunday we woke up early and went to church. Camden was a little ham in there, smiling and waving and saying 'hi' to anyone that glanced his way. It was adorable. He played well with his friends and actually cried when we left. I guess it's safe to say he enjoys his time there!

This coming week is our LAST WEEK for Swim lessons! Camden will no longer be a Diaper Dolphin! When we told him that swim was almost over he was SUPER disappointed. And Mommy couldn't take the disappointment so she called and enrolled him in the next class, Flippers. It will last eight weeks and will take us to mid-May, aka right around pool opening time at my in-laws. Camden is going to LOOOVE having the pool uncovered. I wonder if he even realizes that's what is under there? It's going to be such a fun summer for him. Like I always say, some of my best memories when I was younger involve swimming, either here in town at our pool we were members of, or at my grandparents house!

Not much else to report on this front. The birthday cake Oreo's are addictingly delicious and for that reason I must make it to the gym AT LEAST three evenings this week. It's in writing, so it better hold me accountable!

Happy Monday folks!

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