Wednesday, March 7, 2012


....Or something like it.

Camden went to daycare on Monday happy as a clam. We had a fantastic weekend and he was a ton of fun to be around. I was surprised when I got a phone call at 2:30 telling me he had a fever. It was below the threshold that he wouldn't be able to come back the next day, so I snagged him early before there was any increase so he could go back Tuesday.

We spent Monday afternoon playing hardcore. We played with bubbles at my parents house and even Uncle Ryan came to the park to show off his swinging skills and to make Camden laugh. He had a blast, and hardly even stopped to eat. Once we got home he even followed Husband around outside, keeping himself busy. I managed to peel him away for an early bath and get him to bed semi-early, around 645.

He slept fantastic and woke up in the morning fever free. Score! So off to school we went. By the time I dropped him off at school I noticed that his forehead was super warm again. So I stuck my finger in to check his gums for the one thousandth time and what did I feel? Not one pokey spot on the top, but two! One on each side. I couldn't believe it. So finally things were making sense! I told his teacher at school that this might be a big explanation, she agreed cause he was playing fine/eating fine. I was still completely in shock, because he's never had a problem with a fever when teething.

Again, Tuesday early afternoon and my phone rings. Ugh. Guess what? Little Man has another fever. They had monitored it all day, and it was low grade until after nap. Thirty minutes after nap he was burning up - they got a reading of 102.7. So - he got officially booted until he could return fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing meds. Boooooo.

I called the pediatrician and they gave me different options. Wait it out and see, bring him in to be checked. Basically, co-pay now or later? I was all about getting him checked out now, just in case. When we got there - fever registered as low grade, only 99. Everything checked out okay, nothing in his chest and everything appeared all right, despite the copious amounts of snot that was causing labored breathing for the little guy. (Hey - it's hard to breathe out of your mouth all the time!) They did RSV and Flu tests and said they'd call. Well, they never called. Assuming no news is good news - we are now officially stuck at home with a fever.


It appears that until those teeth break through, and his fever actually leaves; THEN he can go back to school. Ay yi yi.

Come on molars! I am officially a molar cheerleader now. :) Anyone else have problems with fever and teething? Here's hoping it doesn't take too long to work those bad boys through. Until then - it looks like Hubs and I will be taking time off at home with little man until we are allowed back!

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  1. Oh this really sucks!! Lachy's only just gotten his first tooth and never had any fever with it but i'v heard that it can happen! Fingers crossed that those molars make an appearance pretty soon!!