Tuesday, April 2, 2013

26 Weeks and the survey says...

**a little late in posting this seeing as how I am almost 27 already!!**

How far along?: 26 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Pants, definitely yes. Tops, occasionally. My non pregnancy clothes are getting a little too short - so it won't be long before it's a permanent thing.

Sleep: Getting up occasionally to pee. Otherwise not bad. Sometimes that means I have trouble getting back to sleep. I've just started noticing that it's getting hard to turn.

Best moment of the week: Going to my doctor's appointment. Stubborn little baby weighs in at about 1lb and 15 ounces. Doctor tried to get a picture, but his arm was over his face. He's also floating way up high, breech. The doctor showed me my pelvis - it was a dark gaping spot. He said "that's where his head should be". Well that explains the very low kicks then! To find his head he had to go way up past my belly button. It was weird. I guess that explains why my belly button already seems to be sticking so far out - instead of tiny feet being up there - it's a big ol' head! (also according to some further research my uterus is now 2 and a half inches above my belly button. Sure seems to go fast!

Movement: Definitely. And like I said, very low.

Food Cravings: Guacamole. Last week I HAD to have biscuits and gravy. So much so that I went to the store that night and bought sausage and biscuits and made my very own homemade gravy courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. It didn't disappoint!

Gender: boy!

Belly Button: Like I said, sticking way out and the top of it popped out with about 8 weeks to go last time. The top of my belly button has been popped this time for weeks. Silly stubborn boy!

What I miss: Walking normal, not being out of breath when doing stairs, sleeping on my belly.

What I am looking forward to: I go back to my doctor in three weeks. I hoping baby will be more cooperative and I can get a darn picture! I also will have my glucose test.

Weekly Wisdom: Protonix. It is the best thing since sliced bread! For weeks I was uncomfortable with horrible reflux and not being able to sleep because of it. Doctor told me to try OTC stuff, no avail. I called back and they said this reflux med helps decrease stomach acid and is completely safe. Praise God! And the relief is AMAZING.

Milestones: Glucose test coming up, almost to third trimester. Doctor measured baby boy and said that he is measuring a few days ahead. I'm sure they'll keep an eye on that as they go!

Big C Update: He wants to name baby brother Candy Cane or Cupcake. He's fitting in with the C theme at least. He prays for baby brother every night and knows that he's growing in my belly. The other day he came up to me with two toys and all on his own gave me one and said "that's for baby brother and this one is for me". I died right there. Sharing with baby brother already? Soooo sweet!!

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