Friday, June 21, 2013

36 weeks: a BIG update

Preggo Update -- LOTS going on. A WHOLE LOT. This post was typed about a week ago as tons more has happened since then. Will post more when I feel up to it!
So, the weekend of Memorial Day Weekend, I got a bad badheadache. It started on Sunday. I had a headache that whole week, that would NOT go away. I started to get worried when Thrusday my vision changed. It didn't improve Friday so I called my OB. He prescribed something for the headache and then I woke up Saturday with no headache finally, but my vision was still messed up. And when i say messed up? Like not fun. You know how you go outside and you come back in and everything is bright and blueish while your eyes adjust to the light? It was like that. Correction: is IS like that. Still. It also had tiny blurry spots oin my tight eye. Saturday I got in to my optomitrist so I could get things checked. He could see something going on but wanted to try least restrictive first, so he started with just lubricating drops for two days. No changes. So by Monday he put me on steroid eye drops every three hours.
Fingers crossed that would work.
And it didn't. Went back to my optomistrist on Tuesday. He was worried with how things look and set me up with an appointment with an ophthalmologist. I saw him by that friday - as I happened to call and see that they had a cancellation. Luckily, they got me in, told me there was definitely swelling on my optic nerves. Consulted with my OB and sent me for an MRI that day. 
Yep, an MRI at 36 weeks pregnant. Not so much fun laying on your back. Then the nice lady covered me up with a blanket which would be a nice gesture to anyone UNPREGNANT but instead I was burning up.
So I don't hear anything from the ophthalmologist until Monday. He calls to tell me the MRI is clear. I even had them check for the Sheldon that I had a while ago. No sign of him either. So they assumed that the pressure on the opic nerves is from Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension. Ophthalmologist wants me to see a Neurologist. Had that appointment approximately 2 weeks after my eyesight changing for the first time.
And the doctor spent quite a bit of time with me. He recommended a spinal tap to decrease pressure, see if vision problems resolve and then to be put on a diuretic to keep the cerebral spinal fluid from builidng up again before delivery. It sounds like if I wait until delivery to have a spinal tap (before epidural) they are worried about lasting damage to my optic nerve. I will say, I do want to see again. Doctor mentioned he had seen plenty of people with this during pregnancy, but has never seen anyone present with this so late in their pregnancy. So, who knows.
Going to see where a spinal tap takes me and then I will be on the diuretic for a few months to be sure that I don't have this build up again and follow up with a neuro-ophthalmologist in okc. apparently there are only three in the atate, thats where they are located. Whew, lots of doctors appointments and bills. Crazy talk!
I have learned lots of things through this experience. In placing my faith in God, trusting that things will work out, not letting fear creep in, and most importantly, NOT taking things for granted. I am so blessed. I sitll have a healthy baby inside, I may not see clearly, but I can still see. I can't imagine how hard it is for peole that can't.

Here's my update:
How far along?: 36 weeks

Maternity clothes?: yes, for sure. All over please. Brought out my big "tent" shirts.
Sleep: not going so smooth. I hear EVERYTHING like normal on top of waking to pee at least three times a night. I can't turn over without waking up either, I usually sleep on one side until I goes numb, then I wake up to turn.
Best moment of the week: Picking a final name for 2.0. Being that much closer to full term!

Movement: Yes. Less than normal though, I think he's sleeping alot.
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular these days. Not like before. I really wanted Mexican food one night, so I got that.

Gender:  All boy!

Belly Button: Still popped and stretched thiiiiiiiin.

What I miss: Walking normal, turning in bed without having to wake up from my sleep, clothes fitting, working out, being thinner.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing again.

Weekly Wisdom: Having an MRI while 36 weeks pregnant is NOT comfortable, but can be done.

Big C Update: He still waffles between wanting to call him the other name or the ne we think we finally decided on. He prays for him on his own and will still kiss and huh him. Hope he's ready! 

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