Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Broken Dog..

Well, I told you all about Pearl's injuries at the beginning of June. C and I put her on "bedrest" and didn't let her go on any walks, and she had to take an entire weekend off from the pool. She was starting to do much better, so we took her swimming again this past weekend. She did fine on Saturday and listened to me when I told her it was time to get out of the pool. Since she did so good Saturday we figured a quick dip on Sunday couldn't hurt. Sunday she swam great, we got her to use a raft more than jumping into the pool to be nicer to her toenails. When it was time to get out and dry off Sadie and Pearl started playing tag. Next thing I know my dog is attempting to continue to chase Sadie but with her right front paw in the air. Pitiful! So we made her sit down to dry and hope she just stepped on it wrong.

Well, she gimped around all that night and all the next morning. She wasn't wanting to put ANY weight on it at all. So, we ended up taking her to the vet on Monday just to be sure. $300 dollars later the vet tells us she doesn't have any fractures from what they can tell, and give us some pain meds. The pain meds definitely make a difference and I am glad to know my little fur baby is feeling a little better! Her paw is still swollen and red, but she seems to be bearing a little bit more weight on it. Hopefully she will be back to better in no time!

Pearl's paw...all red and swollen

refusing to stand on her paw...

Pearl all doped up on Morphine...lol!

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