Wednesday, June 9, 2010

busy, busy...

Been a busy few days, which explains my absence. We had my Grandmother's viewing and funeral last Friday and Saturday in OKC. It was great to see family, but the circumstances weren't what anyone would wish for. It was a great celebration of her entrance to heaven and it has been amazing to see my Grandad's strength. He is keeping busy and finding new things to do, I am so proud of him.

We stayed in a hotel that had one of those A/C units that kicks on and off all night. Needless to say, I slept HORRIBLE. I was so glad to return home to my own bed.

While C and I were in OKC, Pearl stayed with C's parents. Hooboy did she have a blast. She spent most of Friday and Saturday swimming, playing in the sprinklers and playing with Sadie, C's parent's Boston Terrier. Boy, does Pearl love swimming. We got her home Saturday evening and she was so tired she barely got up to come see us and wouldn't jump on anything. Later on, we noticed something was terribly wrong. She would let out a pitiful cry every time she stood up from laying on the ground or if she had to jump up on something. Sometimes there were multiple cries. She did have a bunch of bloody toenails (which is can be a regular occurance for her during the summer) and some of the pads of her feet had been scraped off. We worried for the past few days that maybe she had torn a muscle or strained something, but after a few days she is starting to get around better, but is still hesitant to jump. Now she is so spoiled she gets lifted onto each piece of furniture!

It is SO hard to get her out of the pool...she acts like it is the worst punishment ever!!

Looking forward to this weekend. Husband and I are taking a quick little getaway vacation, the last before baby (I am now 29 weeks...only 77 more days!!). I definitely am needing it, and am hoping for semi-cool weather. Haha..yeah right!!

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