Wednesday, August 11, 2010

38 weeks

So, I have been slacking I realize. Trying to get things finalized up in here has been keeping me busy! I went today for my second to last doctor's appointment. He said the baby looks to be right on track size wise. He also said my cervix is still only a finger tip dialated, but that it is starting to thin. He mentioned "thinning is a good thing", I'm thinking obviously. :) I am hoping next week that bigger and better things have happened!! Everything else is right on track. But, it sure seems like time is going backwards these days....

At the gym last night, a nice gentleman was next to me on the machine, and as soon as I stopped, he stopped, and the first thing he exclaimed was "Whew, that is impressive!". He proceeded to ask me how far along I was and continued to mention that I was "doing really well". He kept mentioning his daughter and her babies and discussing weight gain, it sure was nice to get the compliments from a random stranger, especially since they are different from the usual "Are you sure you don't have triplets in there?" smart alec remarks from randoms. What a nice change!

I spent last weekend working but also working on cleaning house and de-hairing Harvey (my car) since soon there will be a baby riding in there as well as Pearl. I bought tons of tax free diapers on tax free weekend and I also finished buying stuff off of my Target registry. We are sure getting close to having everything we could possibly need!

This weekend I plan to finish my cleaning, run errands and get a pedicure. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? Now I will leave you with a 38 week picture. I still need to get my last baby shower post up...but my pictures are all over the place since getting a new computer!!

How far along? 38 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Yup, and they are starting to get small. I was in denial when buying the Large maternity shirts, yet now I need XL!

Sleep: Horrible. I woke up last night, not because I had to pee, not because baby was kicking, not because of heartburn, not because of the dog, but because I was HOT. Ew.

Cravings: I could go for some Mexican food...

Best moment this week: The doctor telling me I was starting to progress. Finally!

Movement: Yes.

Gender: Miniature husband.

Labor Signs: None that I can tell. Not even any Braxton Hicks. Haven't dropped, haven't swollen yet, nothing.

Belly Button in or out? Shallow, still some of it is in, but the top is pointing out so people tend to think my thermometer is pointing to 'done'.

What I miss: Laying on my belly. Having room to cuddle on the couch.

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing really. Keep drinking water. Keep exercising. Down to less than two weeks!

Milestones: Cervix is thinning...lets get 'er done.

Favorite Moments: Counting down my last few work days. It is getting awfully hard.

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