Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

It's been a long time since I have done a post with substance. Let me update you!

Well, last week we had blizzards. Record setting blizzards. Chris and I managed to make it to and from work every day (sometimes taking 2 hours going one way!), despite the mail not running for two solid days and the local paper shutting down for the first time in 105 years. Impressive, eh?

Then, this week we had MORE snow. It just wouldn't end, it was like we were in a snow globe that God kept shaking.

Two weeks ago on a Monday we went to the pediatrician for our follow up appointment after finishing a round of antibiotics. We were starting to sound good and the weather was actually nice (before Snowmaggedon 2011 hit). The doctor said, "He sounds great, keep him away from sick people". Ha! Famous last words.

By that Friday, daycare called me saying he had a fever and to pick him up. So I called the doctor. He said give him Tylenol. So I did that all weekend despite the green snot. Called again on Monday after, they said "He's probably teething, give him Tylenol". So I have. And our cough is back. And we are both super sick again. Pretty sure it wasn't teething, as I am pretty sure I had a fever at one point this week.

So now, we are still trying to heal. Camden is smiling and less fussy now, he's eating a bit better, still throwing up stuff alot but at least he's less hoarse and smiling some. I had missed my baby!

Thankfully, and end appears to be in sight. The 7 day forecast almost brought tears of joy to my eyes! Next week there are mid 60s and almost 70s forecasted! That's Snoklahoma for you, got to keep you on your toes!

Yesterday was another very disjointed day. Daycare kept calling me, not because lil C was sick, but because they had lost power at the daycare. They were going to have to move the kids to the Education Center of the hospital and needed my permission to do it. I got calls left and right, they didn't know what to do with all of my frozen breastmilk for lil C. They ended up moving it to another freezer so I could take it home with me and bring it back the next day but OHMIGOSH it was chaos for a while. Turns out, whatever the issue is, it is going to be a WHILE before they can fix it, so daycare will be running on a generator for quite some time. I guess the area that needs to be fixed is under the hospital or under the road or something severe. This translates to the employees not being allowed to use ANY extra power. No washing machines, no microwaves, nothing! This almost doesn't effect me, but I have made most of Camden's baby food and when I take it up there for him to start eating it there, they will need to thaw it by putting it in the microwave. SO... I guess we will wait and see what the best option is. Maybe I could just let it sit out all morning? That just doesn't sound good though...

I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. As is husband because Nascar is starting. I am referring to the extra sleeping I have planned! :)

Have a good one!

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  1. Haha, I love "Snoklahoma" that is great. Hope you guys are all better soon and have a great weekend!