Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Six Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,
Happy Six Months! I can't believe I just typed six months. Six months? SIX MONTHS? Happy Half Birthday sweet boy, this half of a year with you has been nothing short of amazing.

{First time with solids food. Not so sure!}

This month you has been an interesting one. You have been sick and we have really had trouble nipping it in the bud. The pediatrician finally put you on some antibiotics and you sounded great at your follow up check-up on a Monday. His advice? "Stay away from sick people." Well, we had a major blizzard (14 inches, a record!) the next day and sub zero temps and by that Friday daycare was calling me telling me to pick you up because you had a fever.

{By the end, you thoroughly enjoyed the sweet potatoes}

Your rash seems to have faded and has left behind lots of dry skin. We are doing far less bathing and a LOT more lotioning. Due to the rash going away, we finally started solid food. Mommy has really enjoyed whipping up your baby food in our Beaba Babycook using organic produce. It is really easy to do and tastes so good, I could eat it! In fact, I think your Dad wants me to make him fresh applesauce, it was delicious! So far you have had sweet potatoes, bananas, peas, carrots, zucchini and apples. You really didn't care for the peas, you would make a little face and then your body would give an adorable little shiver. I don't blame you sweet boy, they are disgusting!! I ended up having to mix them with sweet potatoes. You take them much easier that way! Your favorites seems to be carrots and zucchini, and you found the apples to be a little sour unless mixed with oatmeal.

{staring so hard at the mobile makes you a little cross eyed!}

Sleep is getting SO much better. I think if you could just stay well, we would have this stuff all figured out. When you are sick you tend to wake up more often, because you can't breathe well out of your nose. I came and picked you up one morning and you had turned your sheets green with snot. Ick! I still have to run in and plug you with your paci a couple times a night, but when you are stuffy this doesn't seem to work. Poor thing, you just seem so uncomfortable! You still don't sleep near as much as some babies do, you usually top out at about eight to eight and a half hours a night, and can get by with a three short naps during the day totaling no more than two hours.

You are rolling like crazy now, all. the. time. Even during diaper changes, you like to keep us on our toes! You are starting to show improvement in the sitting area as well. On 2-4-11 you were able to sit for 10 seconds at a time on your own, but you are still mighty unsteady. You also love standing with assist and playing with your toys. I can't believe you are this big already!

You are weighing around 17 lbs (16.10 fully clothed on 2-12) wearing six to nine months clothes now, nine months is pretty big on you though. You are wearing size two diapers during the day (we still have a few to use up!) and wearing size three at night. You still have tiny little feet, wearing size 0-3 month shoes at six months. I bought some 6-12 month shoes and you were able to kick them off easily, so down a size we went!

When you are feeling well, you are eating five times a day, eating oatmeal and a fruit at daycare for an early meal and rice and a veggie in the evening. You are starting to have a little voracious appetite, and keeping you fed and full is a challenge!

You are a little talker, it is so sweet to hear your little voice again. When you were sick you didn't talk much because you were hoarse, so to hear you jabbering away to Sophie warms Mommy's heart.

You have taken such an interest in the world around you. You will watch intently as I fill a water glass or as the dog walks by you. It is so much fun to have a little curious baby around!

A new favorite thing that you like to do is reaching for our faces when we are holding you. You will reach for our cheeks our our chin and will grab a hold and squeeze while giving us a huge gummy grin. It is just so precious watching you take an interest in those who love you!

In the past month you have picked up a habit of taking your pacifier, biting down and popping it out of your mouth. I don't know if it is the feeling of it, or the noise it makes, but you sure seem to enjoy doing this!

{paci poppin'!}

You are still a favorite at daycare. They always comment about how you are "such an easy going baby". They are always talking about how mobile you are at such a young age. They say that "he never stays where we leave him, he's always way off the mat when we turn back around". I went to pick you up when you were about five and a half months and they announced to me that they were going to have to lower your mattress in your crib at daycare because you are "definitely mobile". They said you were getting up on your hands and knees and it made them think it was time to lower it. I could hardly believe it, so I took you home and told your daddy and we tested you that night. Sure enough! You can 'crawl' backwards accidentally and you will get up on your hands and knees and rock. Once you figure out those hips and how to move one leg at a time, we are in for some serious trouble!

Oh Camden, you are growing so so fast, but Mommy and Daddy want you to know that you have brought us so much joy, that it just can't be measured!

Love you all the way around the world and back,


  1. He is so stinking cute! I love the sweet potato face :)

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