Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom Guilt.

Okay, Okay. I'll admit it. I have Mom Guilt. I find it sneaking up on me at the weirdest times.

The biggest thing I feel guilty about? Daycare.

Sending C to daycare has been one of the best yet hardest things for me as a Mommy. I love my job. I do. It is annoying and frustrating at times and is easy to get burned out, but I still enjoy it.

This is where it gets hard for me. I like my job, I love having an income. Yet, so many days I wake up and just want to grab my baby and return to bed and stay home for the day week.

Sometimes I feel SO guilty for leaving my little monkey in the care of others instead of being there for him. I feel like I am missing his little milestones. It's not that I worry about him at daycare, they are AWESOME there. They have tons of accreditations, they have had care plans and written goals posted for him monthly. We already had a parent teacher conference! (For my 7 month old!) They know what they are doing, they meet my requests and I know he is in good hands there. But I feel guilty leaving him there for 8+hours a day.

At the same time, I do enjoy my adult interaction. And I think it really helps me to appreciate the time I do get with C. I can't quit kissing/cuddling/snuggling him or trying to get him to smile. I love our home time in the evenings and on the weekends. I love knowing that by having a job I am saving money for his future and vacations and ensuring that husband and I will have a retirement plan in the future.

And that leaves me where I am now. Torn. I guess I need to just make the most of our off time together and snag as many snuggles as possible! The littlest C is growing by leaps and bounds and I am doing my best to document as best I can through his letters and pictures. It gives me such joy to care for this bouncing baby boy and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for allowing me the opportunity to care for this little angel.


  1. I can't speak from experience but I can speak from observation. You and Chris are doing an amazing job with Camden, he is beautiful and wonderful and it is ALL because of you guys. God knew exactly who would be the perfect parents for him.

  2. Malissa said it perfectly!!! You can't allow guilt to come in because it is NOT from God. Enjoy and do what God has called you to do and become. You are fulfilling God's perfect plan for your life and bringing up a sweet little boy for God's purpose.