Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend update

Wow! Things have been REALLY busy the past week or so, and I have neglected the dear ol' blog.

Husband and I and even Little C spent a lot of time recovering from a nasty cold. It was tough, especially for me as I still can't take much of anything to help rid myself of the nastiness.
Thankfully, my body is getting better at fighting those bugs and I seem to be building my immune system. (yay!)

I had my birthday, it was fabulous. Another year older, another day. I didn't do too much on the big day, my mom came and watched Camden for a bit so Husband and I could go to the gym. The day before we stopped in at Old Navy and picked up a few things for Camden (hello adorable summer hat!) and I also snagged a few shirts and a bathing suit that will HOPEFULLY work out. Emphasis on the HOPE part. (lol!) My work friends got me a cake and even lunch (Yum!) and my Mom is buying me a small photography session for Camden for my bday and my sister is buying lil C the outfit. I am so excited! Hopefully I learn alot and if they turn out cute will be a bonus!

Then over the weekend we headed to Texas for a little R and R. And by R and R I mean attending a Nascar race. Isn't that what everyone does to relax? :) We drove down Friday afternoon/evening. Lil C was great, napped some but otherwise stayed awake and played the whole way there. He slept like a champ in his pack and play, which I was slightly concerned about seeing as how it isn't near as cushy as his bed. We managed to pad it up the best we could and voila! Sleep he did.

We stopped in at Sam Moon, (hello cheap sunglasses!) and then napped before heading to the track for the night race. My MIL graciously offered to stay at the hotel room with the little monkey who managed to set a record for a nap (three straight hours! woot!)

We woke up Sunday and packed up, had an impropmtu photo shoot on the side of the road in some blue bonnets, ate breakfast on the road and napped in the car. Little man decided since he was up late Saturday night that he needed a late nap on Sunday thus staying up later than usual Sunday night. Other than that, he adapted well to the change and it is so nice to not have to worry if he will sleep or how he will handle travelling. It was a nice change of pace and we needed the quick getaway.

And now, unfortunately it's Monday again. Sad trombone.

Aaaand that's where I will end this little update.

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