Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sickies.


So I mentioned that Camden was feeling under the weather for his 9 month check up, right? Well he was. Allergies and whatnot but everything checked out okay. By that Saturday he was fussier and running a slight fever. We weren't sure if the slight fever was in relation to it being hot out because HELLO 100 DEGREE HEAT, ISN'T IT A LITTLE EARLY FOR YOU TO BE AROUND? So we continued on to church and a few family gatherings. He was okay, albeit a little fussy and of course, he had minimal nap that day. That evening his fever spiked and stuck around for ALL of Sunday and Monday, and lucky for us poor sleeping also joined in on the fun. Yaaaaay. He just wanted to be held.

I debated on what to do. Because it seems like everrrry other time it's been a visit to say "Hello Dr. B, fix him - he's fussy" to the doctor then I get a nonchalant "He's just fine!" and leave my copay. Those copays add up!

This time he listened to him and used words like "Ew, his nose looks bad" and "Definitely infection in both ears". Listened for rattling and he said he didn't really hear bronchitis. But he said with his fever he was concerned about pneumonia as it was "going around". Ick. Not what you want to hear.

So we got a prescription for an hardcore attacking antibiotic that will supposedly work on pneumonia too.

Fast Forward to Tuesday:

I wake up and have NO voice. I mean, nothing. It's whispery and squeaky. Crap. If I can't talk at work then there really is almost no point in working! So, I went to work, and made an appointment and went to the doctor. Long story short - he said he wasn't sure what it was and gave me an antibiotic and told me to keep taking Mucinex to get junk out. And lucky for me, he went ahead and prescribed Hubby one too, that way he didn't have to suffer through the man-plague anymore. Those of you with significant others know that when they get sick, time stops. And you couldn't POSSIBLY have it as bad as they do. You know what I'm talking about, right? No bueno.

{This is our sick face}

Now we are attempting to recover and can't wait to be feeling and sounding better. And Mom and Dad CANNOT WAIT for good sleeping to return again!! Three cheers for antibiotics!!

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  1. Well I'm sorry you guys are sick, but I laughed out loud about the man-plague. HILARIOUS and totally true. Isn't it amazing how much worse it is when men get sick?? :)