Monday, June 27, 2011


Been busy around here lately! I have worked a few weekends really close together. I don't mind this at all because it's almost like having a four day work week. It does, however, throw a wrench in Chris' plans to work on the house. Oops!

Time is flying by. Camden is getting bigger and faster by the minute and I keep asking where my baby has gone. Lately he's been in a bit of a destructive mode. Turning all of his toys over as if he is a baby Godzilla. I'll turn them right side up and he'll come blazing through flipping things over.

Pearl is starting to really show her age. I have noticed lately her eyesight isn't what it once was. She stares into our backyard on alert so sure that there is a bunny out there, but it's really dirt. She can't see the Cheerios that Camden drops on the carpet unless I put my finger next to it. It makes me sad that my first baby is past middle aged and is quickly approaching geriatric status. :(

It is crazy hot here. This is not a complaint, just merely stating a fact. I refuse to complain. This year I am not pregnant and I absolute despised this past winter. Therefore, I'm just going to state that it's hot. Really hot.

Planning our trip to Australia is going swimmingly. SO excited.

Wigging out that I'll be leaving my baby for ALMOST. TWO. WEEKS. And then when we return? His party will be in 8 days. INSANE.

Cutting teeth sucks. I miss my sleep. And I miss my happy-go-lucky babe.

At the Movies at church starts next weekend. A favorite!!!

And that's all. Little C is sleeping so I should be too!!

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  1. Holy cow! You're going to Australia?!?! That is so fun. You will need to write more about that fo sho.